You’re never too old for permanent makeup!

You’re never too old for permanent makeup!
December 29, 2014

Permanent makeup has become a popular and medically approved method of restoring a youthful appearance, simplifying everyday grooming or beauty treatments and aiding recovering surgery patients by eliminating permanent scars. With locations in Scottsdale, AZ, NV, and Memphis, TN, Sally Hayes is currently heralded, endorsed and constantly recommended by many medical doctors for her professional expertise and contributions to this innovative modern field.

Since 1988, Sally has been successfully practicing and perfecting her skills to aid delighted and thankful clients by the hundreds in restoring and enhancing their everyday appearance. As a pioneer in the U.S. permanent makeup procedures field, she has won recognition and superior status from major cosmetic surgeons across the country. Many of these experts flock to her lectures and public appearances, seeking her advice and even referring their own patients for Sally’s treatments. She has added attractive color, character and enhancements to the faces of countless women internationally as well as throughout America. By skillfully tattooing permanent makeup effects on these women, she has emphasized and modified each individual appearance for a more naturally beautiful, youthful and sensitive look.

Most women greatly appreciate the energized, highly self-assured feeling they experience when they know they have an attractive personal appearance that is just right for them. They also find permanent makeup to be a great benefit in saving them time, effort and expense each day. In today’s often hectic, non-stop daily pace of work, activities and personal commitments, women everywhere find a safe procedure that gives them the individual look they want throughout each day without time-consuming makeup applications extremely appealing and helpful. It leaves them more time to concentrate on important business and personal issues, problems and necessities each day and night without concern about their appearance and personal image.

What types of permanent makeup procedures does Sally Hayes offer?

At Sally Hayes salon locations, multiple types of professional permanent makeup treatments and procedures are available to clients, including the following: 

• Permanent Eyebrows;
• Permanent Eyeliner;
• Permanent Lip Color;
• Full Face Permanent Makeup;
• Camouflage for Areolas following Breast Surgery; and
• Camouflage for Facelift Scars.

Permanent Eyebrows. – Tattooed eyebrows are now all the rage among females of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. Women from teens to elderly seniors are now experiencing the luxury and enjoyment of having permanently placed eyebrows that suit and complement their facial shapes and features. They are overjoyed at the prospect of arising each day from a night’s restful sleep looking their best, with their natural appearance one of radiant, tasteful beauty.

As elegant frames for the eyes and mirrors of emotion and character, eyebrows play a primary role in everyone’s countenance, visual identity and unique facial expressions. After this procedure, you will no longer be confronted with the daily task of filling-in or smoothing out your eyebrows’ natural, but uneven lines. Many women today are relieved and encouraged to discover that problematic brows that are overly heavy, light or unruly can be styled to perfection through use of permanent makeup processes. This procedure is officially called micropigmentation.

When undergoing this fast, efficient permanent cosmetic procedure, remember that the healing time required for permanent eyebrows procedures is more lengthy than for other types of permanent makeup. For about four days after your procedure, your face will appear as though you had applied topical eyebrow color extensively. After that, however, the outer layer will begin to shed and possibly scab somewhat as it heals. It is good to gently splash or bathe the eyebrow area with water, but avoid the tendency to scrub or rub the area. In one week’s time, your newly designed, stunning permanent eyebrows will bring color and personality to your face, erasing the old need to apply tiresome eyebrow pencil coloration.

Permanent Eyeliner. – Permanent eyeliner tattoos are another outstanding and time-efficient way to add definition and character to your eyes’ unique beauty and luster. With the finest quality expertise provided at all Sally Hayes salons, your natural facial tones and hues will be carefully evaluated to achieve just the right eyeliner shade to best enhance your eyes and emphasize your other features as well. Your eyes will be featured in a natural, completely becoming fashion every hour of the day and night. You will awake feeling radiantly beautiful, and every mirror will prove to be your truthful friend.

While physically applying eyeliner products to your face every day causes unnatural stress and stretching of delicate tissues around you eyes, a permanent eyeliner makeup procedure completely solves this problem. With the most suitable hue and intensity permanently placed around your eyes, you will gain much pleasure and satisfaction from your enhanced, lasting appearance. You will also have healthier skin around your eyes for a relaxed, youthful look. No more worries about sagging eye tissues as part of the so-called aging process.

As with eyebrow tattooing, you should expect some swelling or sensitivity around your eyes for the first few days following the procedure. Avoid any rubbing of the surrounding eye area, but you can splash both eyes gently with water to soothe any skin discomfort or scaling. Within less than a week after your permanent eyeliner procedure, you will rejoice at the sheer beauty and expressiveness of your eyes’ new look of subtle, yet vibrant color emphasis.

Permanent Lip Color. – Through the natural aging factor, our facial tones begin to lose luster and coloration. When this fading process involves the lips, the face begins to appear pale and bland. The lips seem to have lost their definition. However, lip tattooing assures each of us of fuller, healthier lips and makes us look forever young. No need to be concerned about losing your unique smile or pout.

This modern permanent cosmetic enhancement can revitalize the sagging bow above your upper lip while adding outline and volume to the appearance of both lips. You will never again be annoyed by lipstick products bleeding into tiny lines surrounding your mouth. The best part of this procedure is knowing you will no longer need to apply or touch up your lipstick. Nor will you waste time in long sessions at a cosmetic store or counter obsessing over the best color of lipstick for your complexion or newest outfit.

It is good to be aware that women with very light natural lip shades have the most choices of permanent lip pigmentation. It truly requires the talents and skills of an expert makeup artist to select the lip color best suited to each individual. If your natural lip coloration is overly dark, you can have lip tattooing done to give your lips lighter or warmer tones. Also, it is not advisable to merely undergo a permanent lip liner process, as this will give your mouth a cartoonish, outlined appearance. You should expect some swelling and possibly scaling after this procedure, and gently splashing water on the lips should aid healthy healing.

Full Face Permanent Makeup. – With Sally Hayes Full Face procedures, you can have permanent pigmentation treatments for eyebrows, eyeliner and lips at the same time. With this treatment, you will not only save time and money, but you will see quality results in all these facial areas during the same short recovery period. A really impressive fact is that from this overall micropigmentation treatment, you receive benefits of much longer-lasting effects than can be achieved from either dermal fillers or Botox.

In addition, since results of permanent makeup procedures are always subtle and never overly obvious, your family and friends will see and admire your new look without recognizing exactly what has changed. Some people may even think you look younger and more attractive due to a new hairstyle. Others may wonder where and when you underwent extensive cosmetic surgery. Still others may attribute your enhanced appearance to a new exercise routine or a new “significant other” in your life.

Camouflage for Areolas After Breast Surgery. – Various types of surgery on female breast tissue can result in peri-areolar scarring. This scarring occurs following surgical incisions in close proximity to the areola, or darker circle of skin surrounding the nipple. Some long incisions may cause pronounced vertical scars from the nipple downward on the breast. This damage to breast skin and tissue often causes women great emotional and psychological distress, especially when due to removal of malignant tumors or to serious accidents.

By restoring the nipple or through the areola tattooing process, experts can form the illusion of a healthy breast following surgical procedures or reconstructive breast surgery. Skilled surgeons are able to subdue the visual prominence of scarring and disfigurement. Through permanent cosmetic procedures to restore the areola, the shape and coloration of this very sensitive area can be restored to a nearly natural appearance.

Camouflage for Facelift Scarring. – When undergoing plastic surgery procedures, women experience numerous different and strong emotions. Sometimes, prior to surgery, you as the patient may begin to obsess over your imperfections and worry extensively about the results of your coming cosmetic surgery. Most people try multiple alternatives before deciding on surgery, such as dermal fillers, chemical peeling agents or Botox treatments. After eventually deciding to have a facelift, you must locate the plastic surgeon best suited to perform this procedure.

Following your successful surgery, you are elated. You feel much younger, stronger and rejuvenated. Your self-image is greatly improved. Then you realize that you have physical scars to deal with. This is the time you need the unique expertise of Sally Hayes. Sally has perfected a technique to actually aid the scar tissue to blend with your natural skin coloration by subtle addition of skin tone, lessening the white discoloration of the scarring.

What overall advantages and benefits of permanent makeup are women reporting?

Women of all ages from around the world are reporting benefiting today from the safe, gentle wonders of cosmetic tattooing techniques. Everyone experiences fading of facial color tonation and hues over time. Although this occurrence has long been grudgingly accepted as part of the aging process in life’s natural cycle, now there is the opportunity to alter this undesired change in appearance. Now you can choose to have the vibrant colorations restored to your face through permanent pigmentation procedures.

Whether you choose to have a permanent eyebrow, eyeliner or lip color treatment, Sally Hayes and her excellent salon staff are the experts you should consult. They will do all appropriate testing during your consultation, thoroughly explaining all desirable options and techniques along with results you can anticipate. They will provide you with all available data concerning your procedure and offer advice as to whether it is advantageous for you to consider undergoing a Full Face Permanent Makeup process.

One of the great benefits of this comprehensive procedure is having all suggested cosmetic tattooing done at the same time, with a single collective recuperation period. Although recovery time is usually about a week, which is short compared to most appearance-altering surgeries and other procedures, it is encouraging to consider that should you decide on the Full Face option, all areas of your face affected can recover simultaneously. You will not need to schedule multiple procedure dates in order to achieve the total effect you desire. What’s more, you can enjoy all aspects of your permanent makeup total facial revitalization and makeover all at once.

Whenever considering undergoing a permanent pigmentation procedure of any type, you want to be assured that the result will be the desired enhancement of your appearance. You want to avoid at all costs trusting anyone less than a highly trained expert in permanent makeup treatments when choosing your specialist. The best procedures of this type result in a totally natural look. You want to avoid the look of a dramatic makeover by a cosmetics salesperson or theatrical makeup artist. In fact, the specific changes achieved by your cosmetic tattooing should not be recognizable. The ideal effect of successful permanent makeup is a new, fresh, revitalized look with no hints or traces of how it was achieved. Leave them all guessing while you enjoy looking forever radiant and youthful.

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