Why Are My Eyebrows Fading

Why Are My Eyebrows Fading
December 16, 2013

When you invest in permanent makeup, you may be surprised to find that it will fade over time. Sun exposure, anti-aging skincare, thinner facial tissue and other factors can cause permanent makeup to fade, especially permanent eyebrows. Many people assume that body tattoos do not fade and never think of permanent makeup as being anything but permanent. However, the fact is body tattoos do fade over time, but usually not as much as permanent makeup. There are many factors that will determine how quickly you might need a touch-up for your permanent eyebrows and makeup, and there are things you can do to reduce the amount of fading you experience.

Prevention of Permanent Eyebrows and Makeup Fading

Follow these steps to help your permanent makeup last longer without needing a touch-up:

  • Avoid sun exposure. Not only will you prevent unwanted aging from avoiding sun exposure; you will also increase the life of your permanent makeup. Permanent eyebrows have the most sun exposure as only hats typically cover our eyebrows.
  • Avoid using anti-aging products that contain Retin A, AHAs and BHAs directly on the area that has the permanent makeup.
  • Avoid microdermabrasion to the tattooed area. If you desire to have this type of procedure, ask to keep your eyebrows out of the process.

Solutions with Sally Hayes

Permanent makeup offers solutions for women who want natural-looking, enhanced beauty without the fuss of applying a full face of makeup. Sally Hayes will always offer honest insight to the pros and cons of any procedure you choose. Contact Sally today to schedule your consultation.