Westlake Village Beauty Salon Pro Fixes Permanent Makeup

Westlake Village Beauty Salon Pro Fixes Permanent Makeup
November 19, 2011

Permanent makeup gone wrongKerstin is one of my newer permanent makeup clients. She is a woman who knows beauty from both sides. She works at a beauty salon in Westlake Village, CA near Donna Sollima’s RN Skincare Clinic where I work regularly. Kerstin also knows beauty because she sees it every day in the mirror.

Though she is seen in the beauty industry every day, Kerstin doesn’t like having to apply and wear makeup to look good for clients. She doesn’t have to now. Permanent makeup enhances her natural beauty.

Years ago, she had permanent makeup done for the first time. Unfortunately, she went to a permanent makeup artist who turned out not to be the right fit. The color of her eyeliner not only faded, it faded into what Kerstin described as a “funky color.”

As a result, every day for years, this beautiful woman who didn’t want to wear makeup every day felt forced into doing it…just to cover up her permanent makeup gone wrong. This goes against the exact reason she wanted to have permanent cosmetics in the first place.

The Second Time Around

When Kerstin decided it was time to have her permanent makeup re-done she knew not to go back to the same permanent makeup artist. She did her homework. She talked to other women. Someone mentioned the name Sally Hayes to her, and she looked into me. She looked at the faces of some of my clients, and talked to some of these women about their experience.

I was happy to be able to do what what I could to help Kerstin. In fixing really bad permanent makeup jobs, I often have to send women to see a laser doctor first before I can do my part in fixing their eyebrow tattoos, permanent eyeliner, or permanent lip makeup.

It’s always fun to work on women in the beauty or cosmetics fields because they usually know so much about what they want, what I do, and we generally have much in common and share a great experience together. You can watch the video with Kerstin with Kerstin which we just posted on my YouTube Channel by clicking on this link: