Tips for Making Permanent Makeup Last Longer

Tips for Making Permanent Makeup Last Longer
April 14, 2014

After a permanent makeup procedure, Sally Hayes will give you several tips for making permanent makeup last longer, including:

  • Avoid using alpha-hydroxy products and ointments directly on the permanent makeup area such as eyebrows or lips.
  • Do not exfoliate your eyebrows or lips.
  • Keep your eyebrows and lips hydrated with moisturizer (without retinol or alpha-hydroxy) creams.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid bleaching by the sun.

Permanent Makeup Compared to Other Tattoos

It is important to understand that while permanent makeup is permanent, it will fade more than other tattoos you may have or have seen on other people.  This fading is because permanent makeup is not applied in the same way as a tattoo, nor is the color as dark as the colors used in tattoos.    Follow-up visits to have your permanent makeup touch-ups largely depend upon individual clients and his or her life-style.  Many clients wait two years or longer for their touch-ups depending upon their skin type, how often they sunbathe and how they care for their skin.  Some patients are perfectly happy with their permanent makeup and never feel the need to have a touch-up.  Again, it is simply up to each individual.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Sally

Contact Sally Hayes today for a free consultation.  During this initial consultation, Sally will assist you in choosing colors according to your natural skin coloring, and will also help you decide the shape of your lips and eyebrows by applying regular makeup in the colors you have selected.