Stop Fighting with Your Makeup and Switch to Permanent Makeup

Stop Fighting with Your Makeup and Switch to Permanent Makeup
October 12, 2015

Whether you’re a high-powered executive or a stay-at-home mom, it’s likely that your days are rushed and your schedule is full. Even with all the day-to-day demands on your time, you’re also expected to present a beautiful face to the world. If you’re tired of fussing with makeup but don’t want to go without, permanent makeup may be just the solution for you.

What is Permanent Makeup?

To describe it simply, permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing. However, it’s nowhere near as crisply lined and severe as ornamental tattoos people place elsewhere on the body. The tattoo is applied to mimic the soft, natural look of light makeup. Permanent makeup is indistinguishable from applied makeup in person and in photographs.

Problems That Can Be Overcome with Permanent Makeup

There are a wide range of reasons to consider having your makeup applied permanently. Some reasons include:

  • Allergy sufferers love permanent makeup. Whether you’re allergic to makeup itself or your allergies cause your eyes to water and makeup to run, having it applied permanently can solve the problem.
  • Women with busy schedules benefit. Just think, if it takes you even ten minutes a day to apply your makeup, you’re spending over an hour each week. After a year, an entire day of your life has been spent just applying makeup! Not to mention all the time spent on purchasing it and cleaning it off each night.
  • Facial scars no longer show. If you have facial scars, camouflaging them with makeup can be a big boost to your confidence. By having permanent makeup hiding your scars, you won’t need to fear the pool or people catching you without your makeup on.
  • Contact lens wearers gain enormous benefits. Most people put their lenses in and then apply their makeup, as attempting this in reverse can introduce flecks of makeup under the lens. Unfortunately, this makes taking lenses out with makeup applied a problem! With permanent makeup, you’ll never need to flush makeup off your lenses or struggle to fish out a lens without smearing your makeup.

Permanent makeup is a great solution for anyone who always wants to look their best without struggling with makeup every day. If you’re interested in this procedure, call or contact us online for a consultation and find out how we can help you today.