Slow the Wrinkles: How Permanent Makeup Can Help With Wrinkles

Slow the Wrinkles: How Permanent Makeup Can Help With Wrinkles
March 17, 2014

No one likes wrinkles on their face; however, when we put eyeliner on our eyelids, we usually wind up stretching the skin tightly across our eyelid in order to apply the eyeliner properly.  Over time, the skin loses its resiliency, and the skin becomes so stretched that wrinkles begin to form making it virtually impossible to apply eyeliner that does not further enhance the wrinkles.

We often fail to consider that the skin surrounding our eyes is thinner than the skin on any other part of our bodies, and stretching it will cause wrinkles to form.

Triumph Over Wrinkles

A huge advantage over wrinkles is achieved when we have permanent eyeliner applied to our eyes.  We no longer have to worry about stretching the skin in this sensitive area, and creating unnecessary wrinkles. In addition, permanent eyeliner helps to enhance our natural beauty and gives us a fresh wide-eyed appearance when we wake up each day.

Sally Hayes derives a great deal of pleasure out of helping clients feel better and more confident about themselves by providing them with a natural and more youthful look, and giving them more time to enjoy day-to-day pleasures without the hassle of trying to get their eyeliner just right every morning.  Wonderful stories and feedback from clients are a delight to hear after their permanent makeup eyeliner has been applied and they suddenly become aware of the amount of time it took to apply their eyeliner each morning.  They are truly amazed and delighted by how little time they have to spend with their beauty routine each morning after they treated themselves to this procedure.  They also find it difficult to believe they waited so long to have it done.

Sally Hayes: Your Answer to a No-Hassle Beauty Routine

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