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Skincare Pro Is Browbeaten Into Permanent Makeup

Skincare Pro Is Browbeaten Into Permanent Makeup
September 23, 2012 Sally Hayes

Consultations with me are for gaining information and insights. There’s no obligation. I never pressure clients. Well, almost never. Here’s an exception.

Some women are excited to be able to travel thousands of miles to have me do their permanent makeup. Cindy Fountotos isn’t one of them. This skincare executive at SkinMedica lives and works in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. And not only is she close geographically, but Cindy and I are friends and I’d often see her personally.

As a busy skincare professional, she knew the potential of permanent makeup. But she didn’t want it. And because of her beautiful appearance, she really didn’t need it. The biggest benefits for Cindy in getting eyebrow tattoos, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup would be in saving time and effort, and not having to worry about how she looks in a career in which she has to look good.