Permanent Makeup Westlake Village CA Secrets Revealed

Permanent Makeup Westlake Village CA Secrets Revealed
November 11, 2011

Permanent MakeupGoodness gracious! My Permanent Makeup Westlake Village CA secrets are out!

In this case, they’re out as a result of all the questions I keep hearing. It seems people want to know why is there now a Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup Westlake Village, CA location of all places.

For the convenience of others, we did a video with my permanent makeup client turned colleague, friend and shopping partner, Donna Sollima, R.N. I met Donna way back in the 20th Century at a meeting of the Society of Plastic Surgery Skincare Specialists in nearby Beverly Hills, CA. Now she runs RN Skincare, Inc., a medical skincare clinic in Westlake Village, CA designed for women.

Donna and Sally Reveal Secrets of Westlake Village

For those who don’t know, Westlake Village is a small but beautiful community which grew out of Thousand Oaks, California. It’s a short ride from the Burbank aiport and other popular paradise locations in Southern California such as Malibu and Santa Barbara. I love how the women in these areas are so passionate about taking good care of their personal appearance and looking as young and beautiful and stylish as possible every day.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that RN Skincare is only a few minutes away from the fabulous Camarillo shopping outlets? It offers an exciting experience for women who want to easily encounter and experience the powerful benefits, rewards, and joys of medical skincare AND a healthy dose retail therapy on the same day. It’s a classic case of instant gratification at its finest.