Permanent Makeup For Scars

Permanent Makeup For Scars
September 17, 2014

People from diverse walks of life choose to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures for a number of reasons. How we appear is a point of interest dear to the hearts of all people, regardless of the culture or society that they are living in.

A person may choose to undergo cosmetic surgery for any number of reasons. Among the reasons a person may pursue cosmetic procedures are for purely aesthetic purposes, or as a necessary end to help restore a person to a completely natural appearance following medical or cosmetic treatments.

Some of the most popular and recommended cosmetic surgeries include face lift treatments and surgeries that involve the breasts of a female’s body. Patients undergo these types of cosmetic surgeries to achieve several different kinds of results, but it is necessary to realize that any type of surgery will leave visible scars.

The amount of scar tissue that a person may develop will vary on a case to case basis, because how susceptible a person is to developing scars is different from person to person. The potential for scar tissue to develop exists where ever a surgical procedure is performed.

In this article we would like to expound upon face lift and breast surgery procedures. We would also like to discuss the benefits of cosmetic tattooing to cover up any scars that result from undergoing either of these procedures, as well as cosmetic tattooing as a stand alone procedure.

Permanent facial makeup can be used for the eyebrows, to create permanent eyeliner, to color an individual’s lips, and to reduce or prevent skin shine.

Face Lifts

A number of factors play determinant roles in how a person’s appearance will change over time. Genetics, environment, habits, and emotional states are all will all play a role in how a person’s features will change as they age. Face lifts are employed to restore a more youthful appearance to an individual’s facial features, but having one will not stop or prevent the aging process.

Face lifts typically consist of a combination of separate procedures that effect different areas of the face. Not all procedures will be necessary and will vary from person to person. No two people will necessarily require the same procedures. Different procedures focus on different areas of the face.

There are procedures for the lower area of the face, the middle area of the face, the upper and lower areas around a person’s eyes, and the forehead area. Conditions that a face lift will treat include sagging in the middle area of an individual’s face, deep lines in lower eyelids, lines along the nose, lines at the corner of a person’s mouth, fat that has developed or moved position, the formation of jowls, and loose skin.

Cosmetic tattooing is an absolute must for anybody who undergoes any type of cosmetic surgery on any area of their face, and should be taken into consideration as a packaged set of procedures for those who are contemplating getting any type of cosmetic surgery.

Breast Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries that involve alterations to the breasts and the areas around the breasts include augmentation, reductions, reconstruction, and lifts.

Augmentations involve enlarging the breasts of an individual, but are also implemented to improve symmetry between the breasts and to restore breast firmness. Surgeries on the breasts are typically minimally invasive and may not require incisions to the breasts at all. Breast augmentations can be accomplished through incisions made in the armpits of a patient.

Reductions reduce the size of breasts, and are typically undergone to alleviate symptoms of pain for individuals with large or heavy breasts. During these kinds of operations excess skin, fat, and breast tissues are removed.

Reconstruction is often employed in the event that an individual has undergone a mastectomy, or removal of the breasts, mostly after operations to heal or prevent breast cancer. This kind of procedure recreates the appearance of natural breast tissues, but the normal functions and sensations of the breasts do not return. Reconstruction is purely cosmetic, and is most likely to be employed in the event of a mastectomy.

Lifts typically involve the removal of excess skin, and are similar in nature to a face lift. This type of operation is usually employed when the amount of skin present is greater than the actual breast tissue that is present. Sometimes skin loses elasticity creating the excess of skin.

Breast Surgery and Scars

Several different types of incisions are employed depending upon the type of surgery being undertaken. Certain surgeries require incisions around the chest and underneath the breasts of a patient. Other surgeries require incisions around the areolas of a breast and then down through the breast. Then there are surgeries that only require incisions around the areolas.

Many breast surgeries require a surgeon to make incisions around the areola of a breast; however scars may be located on other areas on or around the breasts depending upon the demands of a particular surgery. Cosmetic tattooing can be used to blend the tone of scar tissue with the tones of the skin of surrounding areas. Cosmetic tattooing is not only employed in the event of surgeries that require incisions or to treat the appearance of scars, but they may also be elected for purely aesthetic purposes.

An aesthetic use for cosmetic tattooing of the breasts involves treating areolas in order to change their size or alter their color. In some cases the cosmetic tattooing procedures are used to recreate the total appearance of areolas, but this only creates an image and is not a construction of actual areolas. Other applications of this procedure include correcting discoloration of the nipple areas of breasts, which may have occurred from breastfeeding or a number of other causes.

Some permanent makeup techniques are employed to create the appearance of areolas. These cosmetic procedures are usually undergone after reconstructive surgeries, most commonly in the event that a patient has undergone a mastectomy. These types of cosmetic practices do not necessarily work on existing areolas, but are instead used to create the appearance of areolas when such features are actually absent. However, such procedures can be used to help to restore coloration and appearance to existing areolas after a surgery involving the breasts.

The aforementioned benefits of cosmetic tattooing are numerous in their applications relative to face lifts or breast surgeries. An experienced and skilled permanent makeup artist such as Sally Hayes can help potential patients achieve the results that they desire for any purpose. If you have cosmetic needs that you would like to address in a safe and professional setting, contact Sally Hayes today for further information and to discuss your permanent makeup options.

Cosmetic Camouflage

Cosmetic camouflage techniques have been developed to minimize the appearance of scars, ideally removing them from visibility all together. Cosmetic camouflage is the application of permanent make up and is more accurately referred to as cosmetic tattooing.

Cosmetic tattooing is important because face lift procedures affect different areas across a person’s face. Cosmetic tattooing will help to blend the color of scars to match with the tone of the skin surrounding the afflicted areas. Permanent makeup helps restore confidence because it effectively hides all evidence of cosmetic surgeries.

Benefits of cosmetic tattooing upon the facial area include precise coloring and shaping. Areas featuring permanent cosmetic tattooing will already be precisely shaped and colored by a skilled expert from the field of permanent make up. Money will be saved because an individual will not have to spend money on cosmetic supplies that will wear off over time. Grooming processes will become much easier and quicker.

A person can act confidently all day without the worry that their makeup will run or fade. A person will save time because they will no longer have to sit to apply makeup, and they can rest easy at night without having to worry about removing make up before they go to bed.

In the event that a person has undergone cosmetic procedures upon their breasts, cosmetic tattooing can be used to create any desired appearance. Cosmetic procedures to the breasts are best suited for creating, or recreating natural appearances.

Discuss the appearance that you would like to achieve with your trained professional permanent makeup artist, as they will be able to assist you in making the best possible choices in regarding any permanent makeup procedures you may desire to have done.