Permanent Makeup Santa Barbara Success

Permanent Makeup Santa Barbara Success
November 15, 2011

permanentmakeupsantabarbara1Since you’re reading this on the internet, you already know your computer is a valuable tool for doing research. The topic of permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, or micropigmentation (whichever you like to use) is one of many examples of finding whatever information you want at your fingertips.

But wait, there’s still another easy way. And you know it’s pretty valuable, too.

I’m trying hard to be internet savvy but a big part of me is still “old school” and probably always will be. Having worked as a permanent makeup artist since before the growth of the internet took off to the point where we all seem to use it today, the good, old-fashioned “word of mouth” was one of the main ways I would get new clients to come and see me.

I’d tattoo a woman’s eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips, and she’d have a great experience. Then she would tell a friend, who would tell a friend, and so on. Or, I’d get a call from a plastic surgeon who would refer a patient to me hoping I could get her out of a painful situation of permanent makeup gone wrong. In any event, word of mouth worked when I first began in permanent cosmetics in the 1980′s, and it’s still working today even with the internet being the booming industry it is.

Good, old-fashioned word of mouth is a powerful form of research for anyone considering having a permanent makeup procedure or choosing a permanent makeup artist. Case in point. I had the privilige of working on a beautiful woman named Judy. She is from Santa Barbara, California.

Judy spoke to her friends who had me do their permanent makeup. She asked them questions and listened closely to their answers. She also looked closely at their eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips, whatever parts of their face they had done. After all that was when Judy called me to book a complimentary consultation.

I did her permanent makeup out of the RN Skincare Clinic in Westlake Village, California. She was still a little unsure of the process having never gone through a procedure before. But she soon created her own permanent makeup success story…with a little help from her friends.

You can watch this short video with Judy which we just posted to my YouTube Channel. If you are exploring permanent makeup, perhaps you can consider it a piece of your own research and helpful, good, old-fashioned “word of mouth.”