Permanent Makeup Procedures: What If I Don’t Like The Final Result?

Permanent Makeup Procedures: What If I Don’t Like The Final Result?
October 19, 2015

With today’s technology, we no longer need to rely on cosmetics to redefine our facial appearance. Permanent makeup procedures allow an individual to enhance the features of their face with little effort. These procedures are long-lasting and can provide results that make women and men appear more youthful. From eyebrow shaping to permanent lip color, these cosmetic procedures give men and women a long-lasting way to achieve the look they desire.

Because permanent makeup procedures are essentially tattoos, they are not easily removed. This is why it is imperative that you make informed decisions up front. Research your technician and speak to him or her extensively. Read testimonials and look through magazines to find looks that you desire. Choose a technician who honors your requests but also provides useful information to help you make a decision. Avoid choosing colors that do not go well with your skin tone, as this could later lead to regrets about the procedure. Do not proceed until you are fully committed to the procedure and the look you chose.

After your procedure, you might notice that it doesn’t look quite like you had pictured. There are several reasons this might happen. First and foremost, colors tend to appear darker immediately after the procedure. As time goes on, the color begins to soften up. Lip color may take up to six weeks until the true color is reflected, whereas eyebrow color tends to show the true color in as little as a week. Once the area is completely healed, you can better judge the final result (healing times are different for different procedures). You should also take a couple of weeks to try to adjust to the look.

If you do decide, however, that you want the procedure changed, there are some options available. For example, if you feel that eyebrows are too sparse, a touch-up will be able to fill in any areas that need extra color. If your lip color is too light, you can have it darkened with an additional procedure. Lightening areas is not nearly as easy as adding more color, which is why it is crucial that you’re sure about the procedure prior to moving forward.

As long as you conduct proper research, find a well-trained technician, and choose a look that suits your skin tone, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, redefined face with a permanent makeup procedure.

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