Permanent Makeup Procedures to Cover Scars

Permanent Makeup Procedures to Cover Scars
February 11, 2015

Throughout one’s lifetime, there are a variety of different instances that happen that leave permanent scars on one’s skin. Some of these incidents happen during childhood from normal playing, but there are sometimes incidents can cause larger scars that are harder to cover up and do not fade. A lot of physical scars are often accompanied by deep emotional scars that make these scars a reminder of a painful experience, thereby making these physical scars harder to endure.

A lot of people are familiar with permanent makeup, which allows people to go throughout their entire day without having to ever worry about their making getting messed up or running. Some of the most common permanent makeup procedures are permanent eye liner, permanent eyebrows, and permanent lip stick, but what most people do not know is that there is a procedure that allows people to cover up permanent scars on other parts of their body. Cosmetic camouflage is a newer technique that has helped thousands of people to hide permanent scars on their body that might remind them of a more painful time in their life. Below, one will be able to find out everything that they could want to know about getting cosmetic camouflage themselves.

When thinking about undergoing cosmetic camouflage treatments, one should always prepare them for a long process, because it is not an overnight fix. There is a lot of preparation that goes into having this procedure, and it might not be a viable solution for everyone that has scars or other skin abnormalities. However, if one feels that they might want to have this procedure performed, they should first and foremost speak with their primary physician about it first for recommendations on if it is a viable option or not.

What is Cosmetic Camouflage?

Cosmetic Camouflage is also known as Camouflage Tattooing. It is used in a lot of extreme cases when the appearance of one’s skin is damaged by scar tissue, and it provides the person, with the scar, an inner peace that was once damaged by the ugliness of their scars. Medical doctors have been known to refer to cosmetic camouflage as micro-pigmentation or permanent tattooing, but the general public has come to know of these procedures as permanent makeup. According to medical professionals, cosmetic camouflage is a viable option that will allow patients to permanently cover up their lifelong scars.

These procedures are considered to be quick and easy, and they have been known to not only improve a patient’s physical appearance, but by removing these scars, the patients have also been able to start a mental healing process considering they are no longer reminded of painful past experiences that their scars once provided them. In the past, medical doctors were uncertain whether this procedure would be a good idea for most of their patients, but over the years, the proven success that these procedures have provided for their clients have changed many of their opinions.

Most medical doctors now agree that cosmetic camouflage is a wonderful solution for their patients that have larger scars and wish to cover them up. Some psychiatrists have even recommended this procedure to patients who have experienced a traumatic event that has left them with both deep physical and mental scars. They feel that by getting rid of the visual scars of the experience, their patients will be able to progress further in the healing process, especially when it comes to their mental state.

Patients Should Go into Cosmetic Camouflage with Realistic Expectations

Cosmetic Camouflage is a wonderful procedure that can help patients to hide away physical scars on all parts of their bodies. However, this procedure is not a miracle worker, and the patient needs to go into the procedure with realistic expectations according to their individual situation. Scar camouflage is not a quick fix procedure. There are a lot of different aspects that a patient must endure before receiving the procedure, and one of the most important is a prolonged waiting period of at least a few months. During this time, the patient will have to be cleared by their personal physician to make sure that the procedure is safe for them to endure.

A large part of going into this procedure is knowing and understanding the limits of cosmetic camouflage. Depending on the person, this procedure may not completely and instantly clear up all visible signs of the patient’s scar or scars. Although the procedure has proven to work exquisitely, one needs to understand that not everyone will experience the same exact results. Just like any sort of cosmetic procedure, there is never any guarantee, and therefore, the patient needs to go into the procedure with realistic expectations of what they might find after the procedure.

It is important to trust the one that you choose to do this procedure. There are a lot of different professionals out there that will say and do anything in order to land their next client, but one should be aware of all aspects of the process before making that final decision. However, one should expect to see a significant improvement in the area that is being treated in as little as a couple of applications, but this is only for most cases. Some people requirement more applications than others in order to truly be able to see a significant difference in the targeted area.

What Can Cosmetic Camouflage Be Used to Cover?

As stated before, cosmetic camouflage can be used to cover up scars practically anywhere on the body. However, there are skin abnormalities and other things that it can cover up as well. All in all, there are hundreds of different types of skin abnormalities or skin conditions that cause people to hate a certain part of their body. Below, one will be able to see a few different abnormalities that are the most common that this type of procedure can help to lessen the noticeability of.

  • Birthmarks – Some people have large birthmarks on parts of their bodies that they find to be ugly. With this procedure, some degree of birthmarks can be made less visible.
  • Tattoos – There are some people who end up regretting that tattoo that they originally thought was the greatest idea at the time. With cosmetic camouflage, people can actually have the tattoo or the scar from the tattoo removal process lessened.
  • Scarring Tissue – There are a lot of different types of scars that one can have on their body. Some of them are caused by surgery, acne, or other types of trauma. Cosmetic camouflage can actually reduce the visibility of these types of scars, as well.
  • Rosacea – This is a common skin condition that a lot of people experience. This condition can leave unseemly marks on the skin, but with the cosmetic camouflage procedure, these marks can be made less visible to the naked eye.
  • Veins – Some people have to deal with their veins showing through their skin and find it unattractive. In some cases, this type of skin abnormality can be hidden by cosmetic camouflage.

These are only a few of the more common skin abnormalities that can be reduced by this type of procedure, but there are a lot of others that it can help with, as well. In order to find out if their skin abnormality can be covered by this procedure, one should first contact their physician to make sure that it is safe to do so.

How Should One Choose Their Permanent Makeup Artist?

There are a lot of things that one should consider when they are trying to find the perfect permanent makeup artist to perform their cosmetic camouflage procedure. A permanent makeup artist is a lot like a surgeon and just as much thought should go into finding the right artist. After all, one wouldn’t want just anyone cutting them for a medical procedure, and they should take just as much thought into who is going to perform their permanent makeup procedure. Throughout the waiting process, one will learn a great deal of information about the actual procedure and what they should expect. However, they should also receive several medical opinions on the necessity of the procedure as well as local permanent makeup artists who are available to do the procedure.

It is imperative that one thoroughly checks out the artist’s credentials. When one is preparing to go into a surgical procedure, they know that all surgeons regardless of their specialization have to abide by all of the same safety, ethical, and professional standards and regulations. However, when it comes to permanent makeup artists, the industry itself is not as up-to-date as medical surgery. In order to avoid choosing the wrong permanent make technician, one should always be prepared to ask as many questions as possible. For instance, due to the lack of progress in this newer industry, there are a lot of permanent makeup technicians that promote say they are “certified”. Although this may be true, the standards are lower for what classifies as certified in this industry.

Some of the “certified” permanent makeup technicians in the industry have worked on as little as five actual people. In most people’s books, this is not enough to satisfy their standards to actually use them. However, the only way that one will know for sure is by asking questions. After all, it is their right to know exactly who is performing their procedure due to the fact that it is there body, and they are paying for these procedures.

Just like anything else in the medical field, one should always make sure that the technician one chooses to perform this procedure is not only certified but they should also have all of the credentials that proves they know what they are actually doing. For instance, one should thoroughly check and make sure that the chosen technician not only has the skills, experience, knowledge and training to perform the procedure, they should also process a caring approach to all of their clients. After all, they are to be covering up scars that may already be from a traumatic experience in their life. There is no reason for that to be made even worse by hiring the wrong technician and have that area come out even worse than before increasing the psychological scar that it already possesses.

The Finishing Touch of Camouflage Permanent Makeup Procedures

All in all, cosmetic camouflage is one of the newest techniques available for people to get in order to cover up a long lasting scar that they want to get rid of. People need to do research before deciding to get cosmetic camouflage. They need to know what to expect from the procedure before and after it is performed. The decision to have cosmetic camouflage should not be taken lightly. However, the procedure can and has provided a lot of people with a new beginning by removing the scars from their bodies that might remind them of a bad time in their life. People who are thinking about having this procedure should weigh the pros and cons of having it before making the final decision, and they need to make sure that they have thoroughly checked out the permanent makeup technician’s credentials.