Permanent Makeup Pain Management

Permanent Makeup Pain Management
November 23, 2015

Will Permanent Makeup Hurt?

For those considering permanent makeup, one of the most common concerns is whether the procedure will be painful. Like most procedures there is some pain involved in the permanent makeup process, but experienced technicians have several tools available to reduce pain and discomfort. Pain management is one of the most important considerations when deciding which makeup technician to use for the process.

Topical Anesthetics

Topical anesthetics are often used to manage pain during the makeup procedure. This anesthetic is applied to the skin and then covered before the procedure so that it is absorbed by the pores. Absorption into the pores assures that there will be less pain during the needle’s initial contact with the skin. This is commonly used for the application of permanent eyeliner.

Epinephrine Products

Over-the-counter epinephrine products, commonly used to treat allergic reactions, are also used by seasoned makeup technicians. These products essentially stop skin capillaries from working, act to reduce pain during a procedure and minimize swelling during and after the makeup is applied.

Local Anesthetic

If the procedure is done with a doctor or dentist present, as is sometimes the case with lip makeup, a local anesthetic may be used. Lip makeup application is the most painful for most clients, which is why a technician may do the work in conjunction with a doctor or dentist.

Highly Qualified Technician

A qualified, highly skilled technician is the greatest asset in permanent makeup pain management. An experienced technician has a great understanding of the procedures, is up to date on knowledge from the medical community and uses the best and most advanced technology on his or her clients. Experts in the field know the best means of application to reduce pain, discomfort and scarring to a minimal amount.

Prior to advances in the industry the risk and reality of pain was much greater for permanent makeup procedures. Technicians often lacked the proper pain management products and clients would get burned, scratched or would experience uncomfortable swelling. Now with updated technology and an experienced technician, pain and discomfort are controlled greatly. Many permanent makeup clients experience much less pain than they expected and are overwhelmingly happy with the results.

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