Permanent Makeup Las Vegas On The Radio

Permanent Makeup Las Vegas On The Radio
January 14, 2012

faq 9Whoever said it is better to be seen and not heard wasn’t talking about the radio. This week it was fun to be heard live on Las Vegas radio station, KLAV-1230 AM as the featured guest on the program, “Under the Knife with Dr. Julio Garcia.”

If you missed the January 9 live radio broadcast, you can click on the link below and listen to the show in its entirety.

A few months ago, Dr. Garcia began hosting a weekly radio show on the station. He is such a natural for it. He’s the kind of guy who can talk about anything in life, whether or not it has to do with cosmetic surgery.

As a physician and a surgeon, Dr. Garcia sees the value and benefits of his patients having permanent makeup. It is an honor and a pleasure to have my Permanent Makeup Las Vegas location as part of his cosmetic surgery practice.

Julio L. Garcia, M.D. FACS is unique in that he cares so much about people, he often turns them away as patients. Can you believe it? If he is certain cosmetic surgery isn’t the right thing for a person or they are not ready for it at that time (and there are any number of reasons why he could feel this way), Dr. Garcia will try his best to protect the person and tell them either not to have the surgery or to wait. It doesn’t matter if they have the cash in hand.

Dr. Garcia places people over profits. But make no mistake about it, when he does perform cosmetic surgery, he puts a lot of big smiles on patient’s faces whether he’s doing a facelift, breast augmentation, or other procedure. He is a truly fine surgeon with an equally fine professional and personable staff.

For decades I have treated all women who enter my permanent makeup clinic in similar fashion to Dr. Garcia. If a woman is not ready for a touch up, I flat out tell her to save her money and wait. If someone wants me to lock them into a look which I know will not look right, I simply tell them, “I’m not your girl.” I won’t do it. For the many women who come to me on a regular basis to fix their permanent makeup gone wrong at the hands of another permanent makeup artist, I give them my time and advice free of charge in order to help them through their nightmare. In fact, one of the things I often have to do is refer them to a specialist for laser procedures before I can work on making their permanent makeup right.

Dr. Garcia and I both believe if you simply help people to the best of your ability, the universe takes care of you for taking care of others. Between the two of us, it’s been a successful and satisfying formula for nearly half a century.