Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?

Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?
February 10, 2014

Is it painful to have permanent makeup applied?  This is a question that most people ask when they are considering the advantages and disadvantages of permanent makeup.

While the application of permanent makeup is not totally pain-free, my clients almost always express surprise during and after the process about the application being far less painful than they expected it to be, and many state that they experienced no pain whatsoever.

Topical Anesthetic Options

A topical anesthetic is normally applied to numb the area; however, if a client prefers not to take advantage of the topical anesthetic for some reason, they may experience some very mild discomfort, and often express the discomfort in the terms of it feeling similar to mild pin pricks.

My personal experience with having permanent makeup applied, and the positive feedback I receive from my clients are factors that give me the freedom to say permanent makeup applications do not have to be painful.

Seek the Comfort of an Experience Permanent Makeup Artist

Before you schedule your permanent makeup procedure, check the credentials of the artist you plan to visit. Ensure you receive a consultation to help you ease your worries. Sally Hayes offers her clients over two decades of expertise in her field. You will never be disappointed when you choose Sally.