Permanent Eyeliner Live

Permanent Eyeliner Live
October 11, 2012

This YouTube video embedded below will hopefully open your eyes to the process of getting permanent eyeliner. From the comfort of your home or place of work, or the convenience of your smart phone, iPad or laptop, you should be able to see just how quick and easy it is to have this cosmetic procedure done with me. It doesn’t matter whether it is in my Scottsdale, Arizona location where this video was shot. You’ll have a similar positive experience in my New York, NY location (inside the offices of Tribeca Plastic Surgery). The same holds true if you come to see me in Sin City at my long time Las Vegas location (inside the offices of Julio L. Garcia, MD FACS).

It is a video designed to give you an unedited look at a permanent makeup eyeliner procedure. We took a straightforward approach in putting together the video. We didn’t feel there was anything we needed to hide from the public. We just took the chance to show you from just to finish exactly how the permanent eyeliner procedure goes.

It is my opinion and observation based on 26 years of experience as a permanent makeup professional, that beauty-conscious women just want you to be honest with them. This is so they can get what they need to make the best decision possible for themselves in considering their personal situation. As far as online resources go, we just try to put out helpful and worthwhile information driven content.

A bonus in watching this video is you should also be able to come away with a sense of how the process of getting permanent makeup has changed over the years. Denise Monteforte, the woman having the procedure, is no ordinary client. She was one of the first people I ever worked on when I started my career back in 1986.

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