Permanent Eyeliner in Scottsdale, AZ

Permanent Eyeliner in Scottsdale, AZ
August 19, 2013

Sally Hayes is the permanent eyeliner tattoo artist in Scottsdale, Arizona everyone is clamoring to see. She has received glowing compliments from plastic surgeons that refer their patients to her, as well as, thousands of happy clients who have undergone permanent makeup procedures done by her.

Eyeliner Tattoo – A Valuable Tool

As we age, our eyelashes begin to become sparse due to the simple aging process.  There are also additional reasons an individual’s eyelashes may begin to fall out or appear sparse:

  • Chemotherapy treatments
  • Alopecia
  • Stress
  • Sub-conscious pulling on the eyelashes
  • Burns

Regardless of the reasons, or condition of your eyelashes, permanent eyeliner will alleviate your concerns, and enhance the overall appearance of your eyes.

Permanent eyeliner will give you a brighter, more youthful look, and make your eyes pop with renewed sparkle, and the look of being totally refreshed.  After undergoing this procedure, many patients, previously considering plastic surgery, decide to delay or forego it altogether.

Consultation to Determine Your Best Permanent Eyeliner

During your initial consultation with Sally Hayes, the two of you will decide if you want a subtle or dramatic look.  Sally will examine your natural skin pigmentation and advise you on your best choice of color, in addition to the thickness of the line itself.

Sally’s goal is to ensure that each client receives specialized advice concerning the procedures that will best enhance their appearance and overall satisfaction with the end results.  She finds her work very rewarding and believes each client deserves her personal attention to detail.

Contact Sally Hayes in Scottsdale or throughout Arizona today for a consultation regarding your own beauty enhancement procedures.