Solution For Over-Tweezed Eyebrows

Solution For Over-Tweezed Eyebrows
October 13, 2014

One of the most popular self-esteem boosting techniques that is now widely available in the area of makeup is permanent cosmetic tattooing. Permanent makeup professionals are always going to be the best possible option to apply this long lasting makeup. Permanent cosmetics are open to several different areas of the face for a variety of reasons depending on the needs and wants of the client receiving the beauty treatment. It is often reported by clients that one of the most frequent reasons heard by permanent cosmetic experts is that over plucking, shaping, waxing, and / or tweezing of the eyebrows has caused a moderate to severe thinning of the eyebrows. More and more people are looking into permanent solutions for cosmetic issues. These individuals want to steer away from the daily makeup regimens or procedures and also the monthly, if not more often, makeup purchases. Having cosmetic tattoos applied to fill out and enhance natural eyebrows is a lifelong and cost effective treatment for the complicated issues caused by over plucked eyebrows.

Having eyebrows tweezed, waxed, and plucked by oneself or beauticians may seem like a fast, harmless, and easy way to get that ever so desired perfect facial look. What most people do not realize until too late is that this process, even when done by professionals can, and often does, cause a significant amount of harm without too much good to show for it. Eyebrow tweezing, plucking, waxing, shaping, threading, etc., are all methods of eyebrow removal that work in a similar fashion by plucking hairs out of the skin all the way down to the root. These methods, unlike shaving with a razor or using depilatory creams, is dealing with hair underneath the skin, and unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, even the assistance of a tweezing expert can not prevent the risk of lifelong harm caused by over tweezed eyebrows. There are several health concerns that can arise with any conventional form of eyebrow shaping through tweezing, waxing, and plucking, etc.

Over plucking can lead to extreme thinning of the eyebrow hairs over time. This happens because each time the hair is plucked it will always inherently come back thinner and not as strong as the original hair that was removed. The use of permanent cosmetic tattoos will make up for the fact that over tweezed eyebrows will most likely never grow back to be as thick and luxurious as they once were. Cosmetically tattooed eyebrows will ultimately replace the need to use a daily eyebrow liner or powder. These are makeup items frequently utilized by people who are aiming to obtain the look of thicker brows.

Legitimate follicle damage and even complete annihilation of the follicles will lead to the sparseness or “balding” of eyebrows. Regardless of whether or not a person seeks out a beauty professional who aims to use only the finest and most up to date proper plucking and shaping techniques, there is always going to be a risk of damage to the eyebrow’s hair follicles. Each individual follicle is responsible for the growth of each individual hair. If a follicle is forever damaged by plucking or other trauma, that specific hair will never grow back again. This issue is also compounded by the fact that each follicle is limited to a finite number of times it will grow back in a lifetime. Even if a follicle is never really damaged, it will in time eventually stop producing hairs naturally all on its own. Permanent eyebrow makeup will correct all of these troubles caused by the cosmetic issue of sparse eyebrows. While follicles may never heal or produce hair again, stopping the cycle of plucking and tweezing will prevent any more follicles from being damaged unnaturally. This is an added bonus to the dynamic look created by permanent eyebrows.

Hair follicles can also become injured due to infection no matter how small the amount of tweezing, waxing, or plucking taking place may be. Using instruments to shape the brow will always run the inherent risk of transferring bacteria and other germs from the items to the eyebrow skin, follicles, and surrounding areas in this region of the face. Tweezing and plucking opens up the pores of the eyebrow and surrounding areas where the hair follicles are housed. This creates a perfect breeding ground for infection. This worry will be addressed with the application of permanent eyebrow makeup, because any risk of infection is nearly eliminated after the initial healing period after the permanent makeup if first done. Of course there is a minute risk of infection directly after the initial application of cosmetic tattoos, but this is very minimal when compared to the increased risks associated with tweezing and plucking eyebrows on a regular basis.

In addition to suffering the ill effects of thinning and infection, eyebrow hairs can become ingrown leaving unsightly scars and irreversible damage. Ripping a hair out by its root is always going to cause some redness and discomfort. This issue can be further compounded when a hair breaks off just below the skin’s surface but right above the root. If this occurs, the hair is likely to become ingrown and the area will become red and swollen resembling a pimple or whitehead blemish. Plucking hairs out of their follicles against the grain and not in its natural growing pattern is risky, too. It can be extremely difficult, even for beauty professionals, to tell how which way wild eyebrow hairs are growing. It is simple to imagine how years of plucking, waxing, and tweezing of the eyebrows can and will cause irreparable damage to them. Permanent cosmetic eyebrows that are tattooed on the skin can reverse the negative looks of thin, sparse, or scarred eyebrows.

Those that are negatively affected by the health and cosmetic problems caused by over tweezing, plucking, and shaping should not feel to down on themselves, guilty, or discouraged. Even those who have never had their eyebrows unnaturally shaped will experience normal thinning, loss, and fading of the pigment of natural eyebrows. Some medical conditions, environmental pollutants, and injuries can cause eyebrow loss or other harms, too. Each of these are normal consequences of life that can adversely affect physical appearances. However, this does not mean people want to or should be forced to live with them. Professional permanent makeup artists are here to assist anyone get the look they are going for with their eyebrows.

It is normal and natural for people to want to look their best no matter what the circumstances. Eyebrow shaping is one of those things that is often seen as an essential part of self care and grooming. The proper arch and well shaped eyebrow can make quite a difference in one’s appearance with its ability to frame a face perfectly or restore a youthful look. No one wants the overbearing commitment of frequently applying makeup to eyebrows that need extra help in the fullness department, and yes, even just once a day can get to be entirely too time consuming for many people. In addition to daily wear, there are of course the times when eyebrow makeup is going to need to be reapplied. This not only includes the normal and gradual wearing off of makeup during everyday life but also the times when applying makeup is not at all practical such as during exercise activities like swimming, running, aerobics, dancing, or any other time sweating and perspiration is taking place. It is also common for people to simply not want to take the time to apply regular cosmetics, and there is no shame to be had in this.​ Permanent makeup professionals are eager to work with people to find the eyebrow shape that works best for them.

Qualified permanent makeup artists are going to be able to assist on a whole other level when compared to run of the mill beauticians found in most beauty salons and boutiques. Permanent makeup up professionals go through extensive training on the proper procedures and techniques to assist clients in achieving the highest level of care and satisfaction with the final beauty treatment. Permanent eyebrow makeup can enhance any and all facial features, brighten faces and eyes, while also taking years off of the appearance of one’s age.

The psychological factor of not having to worry about damaged and sparse eyebrows can not be ignored. Constantly sensing the need and feeling pressured to be wearing makeup in order to minimize and conceal cosmetic facial flaws can take a toll on one’s mental health and overall well being. Oftentimes the owners of sparse eyebrows have feelings that their splotchy brows look too unnatural or highly unattractive. Having permanent eyebrow makeup applied can help restore self esteem in the person who is also emotionally damaged by the over tweezed eyebrow. There is no shame to be had in wanting to feel better about one’s own physical appearance. It is an old school beauty saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if the person who wants to feel beautiful is not yet feeling their best, it is okay for them to take the steps to achieve that ultimate feeling of beauty. The emotional importance of self care is well documented and grooming or personal beauty care is a wonderful way to partake in this healthy activity.

Maintaining the look of a well manicured eyebrow can get to be very costly while not to mention overly time consuming when it is taken into account that eyebrows may need to be groomed once a month or at least every other month. Obviously having permanent eyebrow makeup treatment is going to eliminate the monthly bills associated with eyebrow maintenance. Having more time to focus on other areas of your life and not fussing over eyebrows every few weeks is a major advantage!!

The pigment of eyebrows is something that can be affected by over tweezing, because the less dense the eye brows are, the lighter the hairs may appear. One of the not so obvious benefits of permanent eyebrow tattoos is getting to choose a color that will duplicate the natural color that has been lost. It is also pretty interesting that a brand new color can be chosen to compliment one’s skin, eye, or hair color. The possibilities are endless and unlike natural eyebrows whose color can never be chosen, permanent eyebrow tattoos are going to be exactly what the client desires.

The application of permanent eyebrow makeup is one of the most sought after solutions available and is often used to correct the many issues that are caused by over tweezing and plucking of the eyebrows. Permanent cosmetic tattoos are going to restore the look of sparse brows, cover up scars or pigmentation issues that are a result of ingrown hairs or infections, and fill out the areas damaged by years of over tweezing. This cosmetic procedure produces a very natural appearance that successfully and accurately mimics the look of natural eyebrows. The recipients and issuers of the permanent makeup will pick the color that best suits the skin and hair colors of the client. The shape will be assisted by the natural arch of the person’s structure and also determined some by the makeup professional. Of course nothing is ever finalized without the client’s approval. Satisfaction is key and many people often report that not even their closet friends or family members can pinpoint what is different about them when they see their friends for the first time after receiving permanent eyebrow applications.