Most Outrageous Permanent Makeup Fails

Most Outrageous Permanent Makeup Fails
November 17, 2014

Beautiful rosy lips, flawless eyebrows, and perfect eyeliner. Permanent makeup offers many women, and some men, the opportunity to always look dolled-up, fresh and well rested. You labor all the day long, workout, and still wake up fresh and ready in the mornings. Zilch can phase your beautiful cosmetic tattoo.

Using a skilled permanent makeup artist, you can be on your way to a makeup-free daily routine. However, in the hands of a back-alley supposed artist, you may end up with results favoring a clown, or worse; you can end up with an infection.

State monitoring and governing agencies lack in regulating the practice of tattooing and the the growth of permanent makeup, and these agencies will need to step-it-up in regulating the certification in the permanent makeup industry. Unfortunately, many so-called artists are in fact unqualified and have no clue to how to properly tattoo makeup onto these sensitive areas of the face.

Micropigmentation — Permanent makeup is thought to be a simple tattoo. However, the process of applying permanent makeup to an individual requires training, skill, and knowledge of the dangers; avoiding deep-penetrating tattoos and matching natural skin tones.

The process requires the use of a needle and is used extremely close to your eyes and mouth. The needle places pigment granules underneath the top layers of your skin. The process is used to correct imperfections left on your face from scarring, vitiligo, and imbalanced eyebrows and lips.

Permanent makeup is basically the act of tattooing ink onto areas you would normally apply your washable makeup. Permanent Makeup Artist Sally Hayes suggest that expert techniques should be used with permanent cosmetics; often referred to as micro-pigment implantation, micro-pigmentation,” and derma-graphics. Depositing color-pigment into dermis’s top reticular layer, the permanent makeup technique offers clients the ability to correct imperfections without the daily application of numerous cosmetics.

Permanent eyeliner makeup, the most popular enhancement, is shadowed closely by permanent eyebrows and then onto the application of permanent lip color. Some experts provide additional permanent makeup techniques, such as eye shadow and blush.

In general, these procedures are carried through once the professional has applied anesthetic to your facial skin. After the preliminary procedure, clients may require a touch-up, but only after at least 30-days have passed since the first procedure. Specialists include aestheticians, cosmetologists, dermatologists, tattooists and nurses. Before rushing to your local Yellow Pages, make certain to research the artist or practitioner, and seek the opinions and results of other clients.

 How is Permanent Makeup Applied?

Permanent makeup is performed using several devices, including; tattoo machines, rotary machines and the hand devices. The procedure will typically follow a professional consultation, after which the application of pigment is achieved, and a follow-up appointment is scheduled.

Types of Permanent Makeup Techniques Offered.

Permanent Makeup can be applied for both a subtle and dramatic effect, all dependent upon The client’s request. Makeup Techniques Include:

Is Permanent Makeup – Permanent?

Permanent makeup is considered permanent because pigment is tattooed into the top reticular section of your skin in the dermal layer and will not wash away. Still, fading of the makeup will eventually occur and will require periodic upkeep or color re-enhancement. Scientifically, pigment structure and the necessity for touch-ups is equal to tinting your hair color; fading on furniture; house paint — pigment tattooed into the dermal layer of your skin may fade over time. This periodic maintenance of the colorant (permanent makeup) need allows you the chance to reexamine the design and color preferences. Though the idea of something being permanent can seem like a good idea, consider how you style and taste change continuously through the year.

The importance of locating a professional for your Permanent Makeup Application

It’s likely that you can find a tattoo shop on every corner of your hometown. There is a multitude of talented tattoo artist; ones who are skilled and trained to paint images into your skin with proper tools. However, a tattoo shop around the corner is not where you should go for permanent cosmetics.

A skilled Permanent Makeup Artist will be trained and skilled in the technique of permanent makeup eyebrows, lips, and Micropigmentation.

Regrettably, many people have suffered from the embracement, and sometimes infections, from permanent makeup, fails! Permanent eyebrow, eyeliner, lip liner and full lip color procedures that are performed by either amateur or tattoo artist without the proper training in permanent makeup application techniques and procedures can leave you with results that are less than satisfying.

After Permanent Makeup Fails

What if you don’t like the permanent makeup results?

While the process is technically permanent, there is some flexibility in altering the shape and color to some extent, and dependent upon the skill of your permanent makeup technician. Although when you first receive your color, the makeup will be fresh and darker; but eventually the color will fade to a more natural look. Healing times vary from person to person, but it’s imperative to realistic expectations. It can take time to acclimate to a new appearance, especially with permanent makeup for your eyebrows. Eyeliner is usually more obvious as a result of the contrast to your skin color. Permanent lip color can sometimes take nearly six weeks to reflect the desired coloring. It’s important for you to be patient.

Once your skin has healed from the procedure, you should be able to decide whether or not you are pleased with the results. if you have chosen a professional, you should be happy with the end results. However, if you went with a nonprofessional, or one without enough experience, you may end up with a failed permanent makeup application.

Without communication with your makeup technician, your results will be undesirable, and your expectations will not be met. However, if your specialist identifies your permanent makeup desires, but does not allow you to make the final choice, you should stop and walk out of the door. In the end, it’s your face and your wishes that matter most of all.

Additionally, never choose your eyebrow color based on colored or tinted hair color. Most of us who color our hair tend to change the shade throughout the change of the seasons. Eyebrow shading should be determined by the color and shading of your skin undertones and your natural eyebrow coloring.

Equally, most skilled permanent makeup technicians will not perform the technique if the design and/or color chosen by the client is not rational. If your desires are dismissed by one or more artist, you may want to re-think your request.

Permanent cosmetics cannot be removed easily. Try to make the right choices upfront. You can appreciate the freedom permanent makeup delivers when you are well-researched and have chosen a qualified expert that you know is capable and skilled.

How to choose the proper permanent Makeup Artist?

Choose your specialist carefully. Research their experience, training, certification, and etc., before making the initial appointment. Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup says that a professional examines the natural shape of your procedure area, prior to beginning the process. Experts are well-studied in permanent makeup techniques and color theory. They understand the need for choosing the pigment based on the client’s skin undertones.

Inexpert individuals without the vital education needed, do not offer the skills required to interpret pigment color and its relationship to tattooing permanent makeup.

What is a Touchup for Permanent Makeup?

Every so often the color is not ideal after the original procedure has healed. Permanent makeup techniques are a process, and clients are recommended to follow-up with their scheduled appointments. Permanent Makeup Artist Sally Hayes recommends touchups to original works should be achieved no sooner than 30-days after the initial procedure. The minimum recommendations for all follow-up procedures relating to lips to be done at the sin-week mark. The above mentioned time-frames are dependent upon each patient and their individual health, age and amount of procedures performed at one sitting.

Hundreds of women and men are taking advantage of permanent cosmetics. Sometimes, however they undervalue the artistry required to achieve adequate permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is both a science and art, and it is crucial that the technician use proper shading and shape with the tattooing procedure.

The improper coloring is used; your permanent makeup can turn to blacks, grays and pinks. Without complete knowledge and understand of coloring, the technician can leave the client with blue-tinted eyeliner, lips and brows. Always look for a well-trained, expert permanent makeup artist. Badly formed eyebrows, lips or eyeliner can be devastating, and sometimes the error cannot be fixed. Never choose the permanent makeup artist based on cost, as when it comes to your appearance, the cost is the least of your concerns.

A qualified, professional tattoo makeup artist has the ability to determine to proper coloring and will be able to advise you on your choices for shading and shape.