Only Trust Your Face to the Right Place

Only Trust Your Face to the Right Place
November 17, 2015

Permanent makeup gives you countless advantages. Number one on the list for many women is the time it will save you during your beauty routine. With permanent eye liner, never again will you have to worry about applying those perfect pencil lines to enhance your eyes – they’ll always be there so you’re ready to go in minutes. Additional permanent makeup enhancements on your lips, eyebrows and more not only save you time getting ready, but can liven up your overall look. Appear younger, healthier and more vibrant with the right permanent makeup.

Choosing the Office

How do you decide which permanent makeup is right for you? The first step comes with the consultation, but even before that you need to make sure you choose the best practitioner. By looking for certain important features in both the permanent makeup artist and in the office itself, you can ensure you’ll get the best care and the clearest and most attractive results.

After all, permanent makeup is made up of a procedure known as “micropigmentation,” or microscopic tattooing of the skin. You need to make sure the practitioner is experienced, has the proper certification and runs an efficient practice.

Things to Look for Before Consultation

There are several features you should check off your list when choosing a permanent makeup practitioner. These include: cleanliness, organization, proper equipment, documents of certification, testimonials from satisfied customers.

  • Cleanliness: The office should be spotless, and the furniture and equipment looking like new. Everything should have a polished edge and nothing should look shabby or run down. You want the best care and attention to detail when your permanent makeup is applied, and that attention to detail should show the minute you walk through the door.
  • Organization: You should not see any evidence of clutter, and everything should be in its place. There should be designated offices, spaces and areas for each step of the process – a reception area, a consultation office and separate rooms where the procedure is completed.
  • Proper equipment: Any reused equipment should be sterilized, but the practitioner should have as many disposable, single-use components as possible. Ask to see the setup in the procedure rooms before your first consultation.
  • Certification: Look for the practitioner’s certificates from permanent makeup training courses. If you don’t see documents or diplomas hanging in the office, ask for the details of the practitioner’s training.
  • Testimonials: Go to the practitioner’s website while you’re doing your research. There should be plenty of testimonials and recommendations from happy customers. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to tell whether you’ll join the list of satisfied customers!

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