“Lovely Rita”

“Lovely Rita”
November 1, 2011

Lovely RitaAhh yes, “Lovely Rita, meter maid…” I’ve got the lyrics stuck in my head. Yes, I am old enough to remember the classic song by the Beatles (but just barely). And the reason I am thinking of it is because of how lovely (and happy) my client Rita looked on TV today.

Rita Campbell lives in Florence, Arizona with her charming husband TBA. She appeared on ABC 15′s “Sonoran Living” for my latest segment on permanent makeup. It was one of those full circle scenarios in life.

You see, Rita saw me on Sonoran Living in April. After watching my segment on TV, she called me and said she wanted to know more about permanent makeup. Practicing what I always preach on the show, I suggested Rita come in for a free consultation. She excitedly agreed.

Like so many of us in 21st Century life today, Rita had this look of just kind of being tired. She also said she had a really hard time trying to keep on her eye makeup without it smearing. She said she didn’t like having to constantly battle with her own messy eyes. She was looking for a solution to this problem and thought permanent makeup might actually be it. She was right.

We began by applying topical makeup to her eyeliner since this was the major issue. However, we also did the same for her eyebrows and lips. She thought the whole concept was best for her to achieve the look she wanted.

Rita was so excited about having permanent makeup done she didn’t have room to be nervous. She brought exactly the same attitude to the ABC 15 Studios in Phoenix. She was delightful to have on the show and Rita looks absolutely lovely!