Lips, Eyes, and Lies

Lips, Eyes, and Lies
June 9, 2014

One of the best ways to make a lasting impression with your face is with permanent makeup. The looks that you can achieve with permanent makeup are nearly endless and will allow you to get the look you are hoping to achieve. When choosing the application with the permanent makeup artist Sally Hayes, you will know that you are getting a great service. You are going to have great results, and your face will look wonderfully different.

When you are aging, your lips are one of the first things to tell your age. Along with skin, they will be “the first to go” and will begin looking older more quickly. Having a permanent cosmetic procedure performed on your lips is a great way to keep them looking younger and healthier. You will have more attractive lips without the need for constant application of your favorite color lipstick.

Permanent lip makeup can be applied for a variety of different reasons. It can enhance a part of the lips, down play a part of the lips that you may not like and can help achieve a specific color.  It is also a great procedure for women who have thinner lips and women who want to change the natural color of their lips. The options are nearly limitless when it comes to the types of permanent lip makeup that you can have applied.

Not only is it important for your health and safety to use a professional, but a professional makeup artists is generally a makeup artists first, with the permanent aspect working as a secondary skill. A makeup artist will be able to help you choose the right look for your particular skin tone.

It is important that to pick the right procedure for what you want to ensure that you get what you want out of the permanent lip makeup. You can have the bow of your lip enhanced (or have one added if you feel like you do not have one), you can add shape to your mouth and you can help eliminate the bleeding of lipstick outside of your mouth. The procedure is done much in the same way that tattoos are done, except it is less painful.


Sally Hayes, unlike many other permanent cosmetic professionals, keeps a trained nurse on hand at all times when she is doing permanent lip makeup procedures to help patients feel more at ease and to perform a dental block on the lips. This dental block will prevent the client from feeling any pain and can help them feel more relaxed throughout the procedure knowing that their sensitive lips will be insusceptible to the pain that could come from the lip makeup being applied.

Whether you want to have your lips made up permanently because you want to improve their shape, make yourself look younger or change the color that they are, you should make sure that you are doing the procedure to make yourself happy.


Many people say that the eyes are the window into the soul and this usually rings true. A person’s eyes can tell you who they are. When you utilize permanent makeup you can make your eyes stand out much more than they would on their own without makeup. You will be able to make a more lasting impression on those you meet.

While a permanent makeup artist will not be able to completely change your eyes for you, she will be able to enhance them. While you may not be able to change their color or their shape, you can create the illusion of different colors and shapes while enhancing with permanent eyeliner. You can also drastically change the way that you look by getting permanent eyebrow makeup, which can help make your eyebrows be more prominent, and better match your skin tone.  Mornings easier by not having to worry about eyebrow makeup application on a daily basis..

When you have a permanent cosmetic procedure, it is essentially like having your face tattooed. The makeup is applied much in the same way, but it is done in a much more sterile and professional environment than it would be at a tattoo parlor. When choosing to have permanent cosmetics applied, make sure to have it done by a professional who properly prepare your skin and will coach you on how to properly care for the makeup throughout and after the healing process.

A permanent cosmetic procedure is generally a procedure that yields excellent results. Whether you are looking for something mild or something wild. While the results will last for a long time, it is generally a good idea to have them touched up on occasion.

Within the beauty industry, like other women’s industries, there are many lies that companies to tell you to get you to buy their specific products. These lies are often invented to make women feel less about themselves and will encourage them to purchase a variety of products. The following are some lies that beauty companies have told you:

You Have to Keep Up With the Hottest Trends- This is a big one for the major cosmetic companies, especially during the time when seasons are changing. They will often tell you that you need a certain color to keep up with the runways (even if it is a color that clashes horribly with your skin tone). The color will then be obsolete the next season and you will be stuck with aqua eyeliner or tangerine lipstick. When you are choosing makeup, you should not pay attention to the trends and should focus instead on what makes you look nice and helps you feel better about yourself.


You Have to Keep Spending Money- This is the only way that cosmetic companies are able to stay in business. They tell you that you must run to the store and buy more of your favorite product as soon as it runs out. While you may feel this way sometimes, it is important to know that you can go without makeup to some extent. If you are worried about running out of eyeliner and not being able to leave the house or are sick of having to constantly throw money at the cosmetic companies, you should consider having permanent eye or lip makeup applied. This will keep you from becoming a slave to the corporations that prey on women.
You’re Not Pretty…Unless You’re Using Our Makeup- Makeup companies use this ploy to compete against each other, but often end up harming the self esteem of the women they are targeting in the process. They will imply that you can’t be beautiful unless you are using their brand, which will in turn make you feel like you are not beautiful on your own.
You’re Getting Older, Glob Your Makeup On- Many of the makeup products that were designed to camouflage aging in older women are designed in a way that is tacky, heavy, difficult to apply and uncomfortable to wear. These companies focus on hiding the aging process instead of highlighting the parts of the face that still appear young. These problems can often be fixed with a simple tweak, some contouring, and even a little bit of enhancement of the good parts.


Choosing permanent cosmetics will help relieve you from using heavy and tacky makeup products as you age. It provides makeup made to highlight the areas that show your age the most- your eyes and your lips. You do have solutions. Permanent cosmetic applications are one of the best ways to enhance your look while being performed in a professional atmosphere.

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