Latisse, a Facelift for Your Eyes

Latisse, a Facelift for Your Eyes
December 8, 2014

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic application in which high grade pigments are implanted into the skin’s dermal layer. There are many reasons people get permanent makeup: convenience, cost savings in the long run, etc. Above all, it’s an effective and fast way to enhance your look. It doesn’t change how you look. Instead, it intensifies your natural features and enhances. Makeup looks best when it enhances, not covers up.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Makeup that is purchased in the stores has many drawbacks:

  • lipstick has to be reapplied throughout the day, after eating/drinking, etc.
  • eyeliner runs and smudges
  • eyebrows have to be sculpted, waxed/plucked, or drawn on everyday
  • eyelashes need mascara that must be applied and removed or fake lashes that need to be glued

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning all ready to go? Permanent makeup has many benefits. Some of these include:

  • saves you time by not having to apply makeup daily
  • you no longer need to reapply throughout the day
  • it enhances your natural beauty instead of covering up
  • the effort of putting on my makeup is no longer needed (helps a great deal when you are sick or unable to)
  • is safe, convenient, and cost-effective

Permanent makeup is not noticeable; it is done in a professional way that gives you a soft, natural appearance. Our permanent makeup looks real, not fake.

Another added bonus is that it does not cause skin sensitivities. Many people have irritated eyes and skin from the substances found in traditional makeup, especially people that are bothered by allergies.

Active people also enjoy the benefits of permanent makeup. Going to the gym or playing sports without having to worry about makeup melting off, and having to reapply, sure sounds wonderful. Busy people who do not have time to waste applying and refreshing makeup throughout the day or night greatly benefit as well.

Permanent makeup also benefits the people who have difficulty applying their makeup, such as stroke survivors and people with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and other health conditions that impair your physical abilities.

Permanent Eyebrows

Some of the benefits of permanent eyebrows include:

  • the most obvious benefit is not having to draw or design your brows everyday
  • you save money in the long run since you don’t have to continually purchase eyebrow makeup
  • are the most effective way to achieve natural and full brows
  • they will always look perfect everyday: no tweezing mistakes or worrying about fading or smudging

Eyebrows are one of the primary features that define the overall uniqueness of your face. They also frame and enhance your eyes. Eyebrows that are shaped and colored nicely help women look younger and more feminine. The shape, color, and size, even if just slightly altered, can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

Methods (other than permanent makeup) that are used for eyebrows:

  • waxing
  • tweezing
  • stenciling
  • surgical lifting
  • transplants
  • removable makeup that has to be reapplied daily

These methods used for the eyebrows can be inconvenient, costly, and unnatural looking. Permanent eyebrows are the way to go if you want an easier and long-lasting solution for beautiful brows. Also, people with eyebrows that are thin and sparse can be greatly improved.

Women of all ages have chosen to get permanent eyebrows. They all see the benefits of the perfect color, size, shape to match your unique facial features and personal preferences.

If you want to be confident in knowing that you won’t appear to have gotten any procedures done, then permanent eyebrows done by Sally Hayes are the way to go. She will give you the look that no one will even notice is anything besides beautifully done makeup.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner defines and enhance the shape and natural beauty of your eyes. And it provides many benefits, such as the following:
•Brings out the color and beauty of your eyes; makes them more visible and brighter.
•Saves you time from having to carefully apply eyeliner daily.
•Reduces the hassle and stress of applying eyeliner that is easily smeared.
•Will not streak, smear or become flawed, and water will not eliminate it.
•It cannot come off on clothing, towels or sheets.
•Prevents eye irritation which can occur when you accidentally touch your eye while applying eyeliner.
•Provides you with more confidence in your new vibrant and more youthful appearance.
•People who wear contacts no longer have to worry about getting flakes of eyeliner on their contacts, then attempting to remove them without further eye irritation and smearing of their makeup.

Additionally, you may pull and stretch the skin on your eyelids while applying removable eyeliner makeup. Pencils and small brushes can also attribute to the skin stretching. The eyelids are the thinnest skin on your body, and over time, these methods of applying makeup can cause your skin to appear less youthful much more sooner. Permanent eyeliner by Sally Hayes eliminates this problem, therefore avoiding the harmful effects of damaging removable makeup.

Latisse Eyelashes

Latisse is a prescription treatment (0.03% Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) that was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2001. It is becoming increasingly popular due to the amazing results women experienced in making the eyelashes both longer and fuller.

Bimatoprost was originally prescribed for treating certain eye problems by lowering the intraocular pressure for patients with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma. Patients unexpectedly experienced eyelash growth as a side effect. Physicians and researchers developed Latisse for eyelashes as a result of this. It became a standalone product that is now becoming popular and known as “the best FDA approved eyelash enhancer”.

Latisse has been made into a prescription treatment that is applied once a day. You just simply apply it on the base of your upper lashes, but is not recommended on the lower eyelids. When your lashes reach the maximum growth potential, Sally Hayes helps you create a program with Latisse that will help you successfully maintain your new darker, longer, and fuller eyelashes. It is crucial that you maintain this program with her, otherwise your lashes will lose its new growth.

You will not have to wait a long time to see results. The makers of Latisse (Allergen) have shown that patients see darker, longer, and thicker lashes in as short as two months. Your full potential is usually reached by four months, and many patients see results much sooner.

What Makes Latisse the Best Eyelash Enhancer?

  • very easy to apply
  • full results in a short amount of time
  • proven to be the best solution available on the market
  • dramatically enhances the beauty of the eyes
  • creates a gorgeous, feminine look without irritating the eyes
  • FDA approved
  • last longer than other products

Eyelashes are a stubborn type of hair; unlike the hair on your head or legs, it does not grow constantly. For women, this is very unfortunate since eyelashes are so important to complete a feminine appearance. Makeup does no good for the eyes if the eyelashes are not able to allow the look to “pop” out. There are so many mascaras out now that claim to be the best and offer the thickest lashes. These companies that make false claims are marketing products that won’t deliver the results that are expected. How many mascaras and eyelash treatments have you tried in hopes of finding one that actually works?

Instead of wasting money on numerous eyelash products that keep you searching for the right one, try Latisse. It is clinically proven to make the lashes darker, longer, thicker, and fuller. If you want longer, fuller, and darker lashes, Latisse is your solution. Sally Hayes herself uses Latisse and she gets asked all the time what she does to her lashes. She doesn’t try to sell the product, however, people have asked her where they can get it and she proudly tells them about her passion in providing permanent makeup to satisfied clients.

Latisse Eyelashes (Paired with Permanent Eyeliner and Eyebrows) Can Fully Transform Your Eyes

What do you notice when you first look at someone? I think we can all agree it’s your eyes that are what’s most important. When people talk to each other they make eye contact. Your eyes are undoubtedly the most powerful feature of your face. Women waste too much money on various products trying to get their eyes to brighter, bigger, or just simply look better. It’s easy to get the wrong colors and products that work against your eyes rather than bring them out.

Sally Hayes has strategically devised the beauty plan perfect for your eyes: combining permanent eyeliner and eyebrows with Latisse eyelashes will allow your eyes to reach the maximum potential for enhancement.

Permanent eyebrows alone can make a dramatic difference in brightening up the eye area; they are located at the highest point of your face and just above the eyes. The proper color, size, and shape/form are all crucial in giving you the expression that is right for your face.

Permanent eyeliner by itself can also improve the eyes by getting rid of dull, tired-looking eyes. It outlines the eye areas in a way that enhance the color and size, making your eyes stand out better. Permanent eyeliner also eliminates the hassle of smears and smudges.

The right eyebrows and eyeliner are very important for your eyes, however, the lack of dark, long, and full eyelashes help complete the look. If the eyelashes are not to their full potential, then neither are your eyes. Who doesn’t want more vibrant, youthful, and an enhanced natural, beautiful appearance?

Sally Hayes believes in her products so much that she wears them herself. She provides only the best and highest quality products available that she, herself, is willing to use. If they aren’t good enough for her to use, then she refuses to have them available for her clients.

Latisse eyelash extensions are one of the main products she believes in, therefore is dedicated in making it a service she offers. Latisse truly makes the eyes more open, larger, and strikingly beautiful. The longer eyelashes also take away the negative effects of drooping lids, making them look more open, bright and youthful.

Latisse eyelashes are easier to apply than other products. Not only that, but they look a lot better and give you the appearance you have been striving to get. They do not damage your natural lashes and are safe to use. They are also not irritating like other products.

When you combine Latisse with permanent eyebrows and eyeliner, you will get the complete, beautiful look you have always wanted. By framing your face with perfectly arched eyebrows, nicely lined eyeliner, and dark, thick, long eyelashes, the results are astonishing–you won’t believe your eyes! Sally Hayes uses all of these products herself because they are the best, and she won’t settle for less than that.

Sally Hayes is a makeup artist who specializes in natural-looking permanent makeup and gorgeous Latisse eyelash extensions. She loves her job because she sees her clients coming out more confident and happy than when they walked in. She can complete the look that fits your unique face with permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelashes that will enhance your natural beauty and give you that look you have always wanted. This combination is truly like getting a facelift for your eyes!

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