Isn’t Permanent Makeup the Same as Getting a Normal Tattoo?

Isn’t Permanent Makeup the Same as Getting a Normal Tattoo?
June 25, 2013

When people wander into our clinic, many of them have the same skeptical look on their face. Tattooing and permanent makeup are basically the same thing right? Wrong. You want to know why you shouldn’t go to the tattoo parlor down the street to get your permanent eyebrows done, here are just a few facts on how they differ:

  1. Tattoo artists design beautiful vibrant works of art but using a woman’s face as a canvas is very different than an easily covered up arm or back. The work needs to be more subtle so it can enhance the natural beauty rather than overpower it. You wouldn’t go to a logo designer to do your makeup for your wedding would you? If you answered yes, good luck with the after photos (only kidding). Sally Hayes is a “tattoo artist” that specializes in makeup. If your going to get it done, get it done right by choosing an expert.
  2. There are many different layers of skin on your body. Normal tattooing penetrates much further into the skin, while permanent makeup only goes as deep as the first two or three layers. This helps lessen the drag queen affect it could have and also does not last as long as a real tattoo.
  3. Part of getting a tattoo is toughening up and sucking in those tears to endure the pain. It is somewhat of an initiation. No pain, no tattoo. Luckily that is not the case with permanent makeup. Our clinic uses topical aesthetics to make the procedure as easy and painless as possible.
  4. While tattooing is a great form of expression, that is all it is. Permanent makeup is a great self esteem booster and even better time saver! Ladies, how much time do you take rushing to put on makeup in the morning? Don’t forget about the reapplying in the afternoon and sometimes even before dinner (if we have a hot date waiting for us).


If you have more questions on the differences between a tattoo and permanent makeup or if you would like to schedule your consultation to get the process started, call Sally Hayes today!