How To Make Your Eyes Standout

How To Make Your Eyes Standout
October 29, 2015

Eyes say so much about a person, giving others a hint of what lies within. Understanding that, there’s little question as to why people want to draw attention to their eyes, but that isn’t always easy. The key is working with one’s eye color and learning what tricks and tips are used to make those beautiful eyes pop. No matter what color of eyeshadow you choose to apply one thing remains constant, the perfect eyeliner base will make your eyes pop just right! Sally Hayes can help you pick the best thickness and shape of eyeliner that works with your eye shape and the look you desire.

Striking Blue Eyes

Blue eyes naturally draw attention because the vibrant shades are difficult to ignore. As such, it takes little to make blue eyes pop. Shades of gold and copper eye shadow are ideal, using lighter colors to highlight one’s eyes. Rather than using black eyeliner to fill the eye’s water line, chose a basic blue to add depth and compliment those blue eyes.

The Inviting Warmth of Brown

Brown eyes come in a variety of warm colors from rich chocolate to pale coffee. They’re also versatile, almost any shade of eye shadow complimenting brown eyes. The gold smoky effect works beautifully with brown, choosing light gold as the highlighter, shimmery brown for contour and dark gold on the eyelid. The effect is quite alluring.

Mystically Green

Some people say green eyes are among the most beautiful, but finding the right makeup isn’t easy. The trick is using contrasting colors, such as shades of purple and gray. People will also find violet or plum eyeliners work better than black to make those green eyes pop. And the perfect way to accentuate those mystical eyes is combining purple eye shadow and violet eyeliner.

The Allure of Hazel

Hazel eyes are forever changing, depending on one’s make up, clothes and mood. This means people with hazel eyes have more options than most although what shade one chooses depends on what color one wants to accentuate. Green eye shadow bring out the blue in hazel eyes while purple draws out brown and gray striations and plums sharpen vibrant hints of green.

Shades of Gray

People with gray eyes are blessed with a sultry look difficult to mimic. The downside is picking the right shades of makeup. There are two methods to make those gray eyes stand out – subtle or bold. To achieve a more subtle appearance, one should opt for shades of gray and blue, the latter a good choice for eyeliner. If one wants to bold, shades of dark brown and mauve do the trick.

While Sally doesn’t do permanent eyeshadow so that you can play with various colors, you can save time with your morning routine by getting permanent eyeliner! Contact us to set up your consultation today!