Get Summer Ready With Permanent Eyeliner

Get Summer Ready With Permanent Eyeliner
May 7, 2013

When Spring ends and Summer starts to creep up many woman concern themselves with getting “Summer ready”. This usually consists of dieting, working out, tanning, etc. all to look good when hanging out around the pool. Rarely do woman think about the true hassle that arrives with the Summer heat. Because makeup is often a necessity in boosting one’s self esteem we will deal with the small annoyances that it can bring. But when Summer turns those small annoyances into big ones via eyeliner washing off and mascara running down your face, makeup goes out the window and is replaced with whatever is easy and comfortable. What if you could have both? Well, you can! Sally Hayes has a solution to avoid sweating off makeup and stop looking like a raccoon with black circles around your eyes. With permanent eyeliner you can look great all the time…even in the morning!

Donʼt be left vulnerable with naked eyes.

Imagine after running to try and fit into that itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, you look into the mirror and see no smudges. What a breath of relief! Let me take it one step further to help you fully grasp all the benefits of permanent eyeliner. No more jumping in the pool feeling so bare and vulnerable with naked eyes, but rather you could enjoy swimming under water knowing that when you come back up your enhanced eyes will still look good.

Let Sally Hayes help you get “Summer ready”.

Sally Hayes is an experienced permanent eyeliner tattoo artist conveniently located in 3 different locations: Scottsdale, and Memphis. In places like Nevada and Arizona where the heat temperatures push the limits, permanent eyeliner is a must. Not just any permanent makeup artist will do though, just like any other tattoo the biggest fear is regretting it later on. With an experienced and skilled artist like Sally Hayes who specializes in giving a subtle natural summer look to her clients, regret is not even a possibility. Call her today to schedule an appointment at (phone number).