Eyebrows Can Be Nothin’ But Trouble

Eyebrows Can Be Nothin’ But Trouble
May 14, 2013

As woman, we have it pretty tough. Not only do we have to shave our legs daily, endure mother nature’s monthly gift, and birth a child, we also have the horrible task of plucking and drawing on eyebrows just so we do not look like a caterpillar is resting above our eyes. Most men scoff and proclaim that eyebrow plucking doesn’t hurt but aren’t they usually the ones who have their own caterpillar permanently residing on their face? I guess this is something that woman have began to accept: beauty is pain. And most are fine with the pain…but what about the other hassles eyebrows bring?

The vicious cycle.

Here is how it usually starts. You are driving home from work and the sun is a little bright so you put down the visor to block it. (If you unfortunately have the mirror on the visor like I do you will understand this curse, if not…count your blessings). So you happen to glance in the visor mirror and see a few small hairs growing around your “used to be shaped” eyebrows. Now that you see them it eats away at you the whole drive home, while you desperately wish to pluck them. Finally you get home and run straight to the bathroom to get rid of the nuisance. Because you were in such a hurry and so distraught you accidentally pull a hair you shouldn’t have, which throws your eyebrows off balance. This leads you to pluck a hair from the other brow hoping to even them out. We all know that never works. It only makes things worse. By the end of it your left with two tiny twigs that barely qualify as an eyebrow. So the next day you try to draw on those brows you USE to have. But let’s face it. How many of us went to beauty school? The drawn on eyebrows look like a 4 year old trying to color inside the lines.

Follow the beaten path.

One would think with all the hassle eyebrows cause that someone would come up with a solution to help us girls out. Oh wait, they have! Has no one told you about permanent eyebrow tattoos yet? With a professional eyebrow tattoo artist like Sally Hayes those drawn on eyebrows won’t be scribbles anymore, they will be works of art, permanent art! So what if you pluck a hair you shouldn’t have, with the help of a permanent makeup artist your brow will still have the same beautiful shape. So don’t get stuck in the same disturbing cycle, but break it by choosing a new path! Call Sally Hayes today to get your permanent eyebrow tattoo done.