Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?

Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?
November 28, 2011

permanent-makeup-maggie-damonDoes permanent makeup hurt? This is something you probably want to know if you are considering giving yourself the benefits of permanent makeup. This is one of the questions every permanent makeup artist hears often and must find a way to answer for clients. (For others, go to my FAQ page).

I live and work by a policy of being honest with all clients, and potential clients who come to me for a complimentary consultation. So, my answer to the question about whether or not getting permanent makeup hurts is my truth as I know it.

The long and short of it is – NO. Getting permanent makeup done by Sally Hayes does not hurt.

I base this answer on multiple factors, such as having permanent makeup myself, what I see with my own two eyes doing thousands of permanent makeup procedures every year, and the feedback I receive from my clients.

And if that still isn’t enough for you, here is another woman’s opinion and experience. I introduce you to the “Maggie the Magnificent.”

Some people possess inner beauty which you can just see . You can feel it, and enjoy
it any time you are lucky enough to be in their company. I am blessed to have a
number of clients like this. Maggie Damon is definitely one of them.

Maggie hails from a Hollywood connected family. But she is a star in her everyday life. She is one of those people who is so kind and full of life, I always consider it a pleasure to see her.

I’ve done Maggie’s permanent makeup while working out of Donna Sollima’s RN Skincare Clinic in Westlake Village, California (near Thousand Oaks). She was first a satisfied medical skincare patient of Donna. Maggie’s also brought her sister in for me to apply permanent cosmetics on her, too.

Maggie knows herself. She knows she has sensitive eyes and therefore expressed concern about having topical anesthetics applied for permanent makeup procedures.
She made this decision despite knowing it might take away the comfort seemingly
everyone else chooses who wants a pain-free permanent makeup experience.

You can enjoy Maggie Damon in her own words sharing her personal
story in this video we just uploaded to my YouTube Channel: