The Definitive Guide to All Things Eyebrows

The Definitive Guide to All Things Eyebrows
December 18, 2014

The Rules of Eyebrow Maintenance

If you follow fashion, then you’re probably aware of the fact that eyebrow trends come and go. While extremely thin eyebrows were in vogue for many years, the current trend has seemed to move towards thick brows, filled in with powder or a pencil. However, like all beauty and style trends, this will undoubtedly change again in the future.

While specific trends may come and go, one thing always remains the same. No matter what style you go with, grooming is essential. Great eyebrows come from great habits. To help you ensure that your eyebrows are always looking up to par, here are the six definitive rules to maintaining gorgeous eyebrows.

Rule One: Great Brows Start With Great Beauty Habits

Like any part of your appearance, great eyebrows start with great habits. This means having an excellent skin and hair care regimen that will keep your eyebrows healthy.

First and foremost, it’s crucial that you are cleaning and moisturizing your facial skin nightly. Beyond ensuring that you maintain a beautiful complexion, the right facial moisturizer can actually act as a conditioner to the hairs of your brows. If your eyebrows are especially dry or flaky, invest in a top quality and highly hydrating eye cream to gently condition and nourish your brows. Don’t use products meant to condition your hair on your eyebrows, as they can cause breakouts on your skin.

If you are dealing with blemishes in your eyebrow area, an excess of oil could be the culprit. An astringent will help to cleanse the skin more deeply, in addition to drying out any unsightly blemishes.

Rule Two: Shape Your Brows and Maintain Them

When it comes to your eyebrows, having them shaped and maintaining their shape is the key to looking great. However, the biggest decision that any person can make in regards to shaping their eyebrows is whether or not they want to have this professionally done, or attempt to shape them on their own.

Their are a lot of great reasons for having your eyebrows done professionally. First and foremost, you might make mistakes when you attempt to do your eyebrows on your own. Many people will erroneously remove too much hair or cut their brows too short. Beauty professionals will not only avoid these mistakes, but they are skilled in hair removal and will help you to determine the best brow shape for your face.

If you choose to go with professional brow maintenance, you’ll typically have two choices, waxing and threading. Here’s an in-depth look at these two hair removal methods.


What It Is: Waxing involves an esthetician or beauty professional removing excess hair and shaping your hair through the use of hot wax. The wax is applied to areas of excess hair growth, covered with a strip of muslin cloth and then ripped away, removing the excess hair with the wax.

The Pros: Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal methods in the world. In addition to being used on eyebrows, waxing can also be used to remove excess hair from other areas of the body, from the upper lip to the bikini area. Hair won’t begin to grow back for at least two weeks, with many people enjoying up to six weeks of being hair-free.

The Cons: Waxing is painful. While those who get waxed frequently typically feel that the pain diminishes over time, there are very few veteran waxers who claim that they don’t feel anything. Furthermore, while most wax used in salons is completely safe and hypoallergenic, those with very sensitive skin will often find that their skin simply cannot handle wax, no matter how high of quality products their esthetician uses.


What It Is: Threading is a unique manner of hair removal. It involves a specialist looping and manipulating thread in a way that rips hair away as they twist and glide the thread over your skin. It has origins in the Middle East and is a brilliant way to shape eyebrows that is a fairly new concept in the Western world. Over the past ten years, more and more threading shops have opened up in American cities and malls.

The Pros: Unlike with waxing, sensitive skin types don’t need to worry about suffering irritation from any products. The thread involves no chemicals or products whatsoever, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, while threading feels odd, most people agree that it hurts far less than waxing does.

The Cons: As stated above, threading hurts much less than waxing. However, many people find it uncomfortable, with some describing the sensation as someone cutting at their skin with a dull scissors. Furthermore, to wax eyebrows in most states, one must obtain a license from a professional beauty school. Many states don’t require those who thread to obtain any sort of professional licensing.

Both of the above methods have their own pros and cons. However, both are pretty efficient when it comes to maintaining a beautiful eyebrow shape. You will typically need to visit your salon of choice every two to three weeks, with some fairer haired types getting away with only monthly visits. When you have your eyebrows professionally done, you won’t need to worry about making any mistakes or trimming away too much hair.

However, some people still make the decision to do their own brows. If you feel adept at waxing or threading, then you can attempt to shape and groom your own eyebrows. Some people don’t even need to wax or thread and can shape their brows just with a tweezers. If you don’t feel comfortable in your abilities to shape your eyebrows properly, however, then it is probably best to go to a professional salon. While hair does, in fact, grow back, you will have to live with your botched brows for up to a month should you screw it up. Your eyebrows truly frame and finish your face; it’s important that they look styled and presentable.

Rule Three: Men Need Brow Grooming Too

Many men eschew eyebrow grooming, assuming that the practice is somehow “unmanly.” While men are perfectly content to groom the hair on the rest of their faces, for whatever reason, eyebrow grooming is seen as taboo.

The truth is that men need to groom their eyebrows just as much as women do. Many men won’t need to have their brows shaped at a professional salon and will instead be able to simply tweeze away stray hairs at home. If you don’t feel confident in your tweezing abilities, consult one of the many tutorials readily available online or ask your hair stylist for tips. When grooming the space between your eyebrows – frequently called the “unibrow” – you may either tweeze, or as many men choose to do, simply add it to your daily shaving regimen.

Don’t be afraid to trim very long hairs either. This will give you a clean and polished look. Use a small, clean and sharp metal scissors to ensure precision. You don’t want to trim too closely, but you want to be able to trim away any hairs that tend to be unruly.

Some men may very well need to have their eyebrows professionally done. If you have excessive eyebrow growth and find maintaining your eyebrows yourself to be too difficult, feel free to visit a salon. Just because you are having your eyebrows professionally done does not mean that you will leave with a feminine appearance. Confirm what look you want with your stylist, specifying that you don’t want shaped brows, but rather just a clean and groomed look.

Rule Four: Seek Help For Chronically Sparse Eyebrows

Most people have a few sparse patches within their eyebrows; this is completely normal. However, some have so many sparse patches or so much missing hair that daily grooming becomes a real chore. If you find that you have to constantly fill in your brows with powder and pencil, then it may be time to consider a more permanent solution.

The only permanent solution for sparse patches and eyebrow loss is eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattooing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A trained professional uses a tattoo gun to fill in any sparse patches, similar to what you would do yourself with a brow pencil, but as a permanent solution.

While the word “tattoo” can oftentimes scare people, eyebrow tattooing is a relatively simple procedure and can make your daily beauty regimen a whole lot easier. Those who have experienced complete eyebrow loss for whatever reason can also use eyebrow tattooing to replace the appearance of their eyebrows. The finished product is not harsh or unnatural and is rather extremely natural looking and discrete. This is a wise choice for anyone who is experiencing chronic issues with their eyebrows, from sparse patches to complete hair loss.

Rule Five: Pay Attention To Trends But Don’t Consider Them Law

As stated at the beginning of this article, eyebrow trends come and go. While thinner brows will sometimes be the style, thicker brows have recently made a comeback.

Trends are well and good. They guide our style and grooming choices to ensure that we are remaining current and stylish. However, trends should be treated more like suggestions than as hard rules. While the current popular brow style might look good on some women, on others it might look downright awful. For example, women with small or heart-shaped faces often find that the current style, thicker brows, can be too harsh on their faces. Similarly, those with round or broad faces can often find that very thin brows make their faces look unappealingly large.

The ideal when it comes to eyebrow trends should be to combine what is currently in style with what looks good on your face. For example, if you love the current push towards thick brows but know that the shape isn’t right for your thin face, consider getting your brows shaped slim at a salon but darkening them with a brow powder or pencil a few shades darker than what you would typically use. If you are unsure how to combine the current style with what looks ideal on your face, your stylist can help to guide you towards what look will work for you.

Rule Six: Don’t Be Afraid To Embrace Your Unique Beauty

We all have those beauty hang-ups and concerns that bother us. For some women, it’s brows that are extremely coarse and dark. For other women, it’s brows that are very light and patchy. While it’s definitely smart to groom your brows and find ways to accentuate your natural eyebrows, remember to always incorporate your natural beauty into your look.

Don’t try to change your eyebrows into different eyebrows entirely. This is why most stylists generally suggest against dying or tattooing eyebrows in a completely new color; instead, people should work with their own natural coloring rather than against it. Grooming is great, but don’t fight against your own natural looks. Instead, work with your looks to be both stylish and unique.

Follow These Rules

Ultimately, when it comes to eyebrow grooming, less is more. You never want brows that are in an extreme shape or color. Rather, the goal should be to sport eyebrows that are groomed, filled-in and that work with your natural coloring. While you might play with trends from season to season, always work with your face shape. If you are struggling with issues of hair loss or sparse brows, seek out eyebrow tattooing to remedy these problems.

Those new to eyebrow grooming can feel a little overwhelmed. But if you learn to follow these rules and give your brows the tender love and care that they need, you can have the beautiful eyebrows that you see in the pages of fashion magazines.

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