Common Misconceptions About Permanent Makeup

Common Misconceptions About Permanent Makeup
January 5, 2015

The term “permanent makeup” can be a little intimidating for some people. After all, the term alone is a tad scary; the word “permanent” has a tendency to evoke nervous feelings. However, for as intimidating as the phrase itself may be, the reality of permanent makeup is the complete and total opposite of “scary.” And although we might be talking about tattooing and creating something that will last forever on your face, the results of permanent makeup are chic and beautiful, not off-putting or frightening.

Indeed, there are a lot of misconceptions about permanent makeup. Permanent makeup may be more common than it was 10 years ago, but it’s still something that many people don’t know much about. To help you understand why permanent makeup might actually be a great choice for you, here are the most common misconceptions about permanent makeup, in addition to the truth about why permanent makeup might just be right for you.

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Misconception Number One: Permanent Makeup is a Form Of Cosmetic Surgery

Many people shy away from even considering permanent makeup because they feel it would violate their promises to themselves to avoid cosmetic fillers or plastic surgery. While permanent makeup does indeed have lifelong results, it is a completely different animal than cosmetic surgery. In fact, it’s not even in the same category.

Cosmetic surgery involves actually going under the knife to alter one’s appearance. Permanent makeup entails nothing more than a specialist using tattooing to create a natural looking eye line, lip line or fill in sparse brows. Permanent makeup requires absolutely no use of anesthesia. And unlike cosmetic fillers, it does not radically alter the appearance of your face. While someone who has undergone plastic surgery or cosmetic fillers may have people comment on how different they look, permanent makeup is a little sneakier, in a good way. Typically, people will notice that you lookbetter, but won’t be able to pinpoint exactly why. Or, they’ll just think that you have beautifully applied makeup, without knowing that you didn’t have to fuss with a cumbersome eyeliner pencil that morning.

There is no shame in wanting to undergo any sort of cosmetic enhancement. Everyone’s face and everyone’s appearance should be their own business. However, if you’ve been avoiding permanent makeup for the sole fact that you believe it to be a form of plastic surgery, think again. Permanent makeup does not fall into that category and is far less difficult and complicated.

Misconception Number Two: Permanent Makeup is Only For Those With Some Sort of Defect

There’s a popular old phrase that typically rings true: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While that generally can be applicable to most things in life, it simply doesn’t hold true when it comes to permanent makeup. Many people believe that undergoing permanent makeup is entirely unnecessary if they don’t have anything “wrong” with them. However, this is entirely false. While permanent makeup can and is often used to treat some sort of cosmetic issue – i.e. a blurred lip line or sparse eyebrows – it can also be used to enhance one’s beauty, rather than to correct it.

A perfect example of this is permanent eyeliner. The majority of women who wear makeup on a daily basis incorporate eyeliner into their routine. Most women know how cumbersome eyeliner can be. It can be difficult to apply it perfectly every time. Furthermore, if you purchase an eyeliner pencil or gel that has a bad formula, watch out. Its staying power will be atrocious and it will have traveled all over your face before the day is done.

This is why permanently applying your eyeliner via permanent makeup can be such a godsend. If you elect to have permanent eyeliner tattooed, you can wave goodbye to the days of struggling each morning to get that perfect, exact line. Instead, worrying about your eyeliner will be a thing of the past and you will perpetually have beautifully lined and defined eyes.

Permanent makeup can be a gift for those who need to correct a defect. However, it is hardly an exclusively corrective procedure. Rather, it can be a luxury for women who want to enhance their natural beauty and cut time out of their daily routine. If you’re on the fence about treating yourself, go for it. Clients who have their eyeliner permanently tattooed rave about how fabulous it is.

Misconception Number Three: Permanent Makeup is Obvious and Glaring

We’ve all seen that makeup disaster walking through the mall or perhaps at work. Her eyebrows are drawn on unevenly, her eyeliner is a mess and her lips are over-lined to the point of being cartoonish. We always have the urge to grab said woman and drag her to the nearest makeup counter or salon for some back-to-basics cosmetic schooling.

Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that they will automatically resemble this walking disaster if they elect to undergo permanent makeup. To immediately put your fears to rest, no, the results of permanent makeup are neither glaring nor obvious. As stated above, undergoing permanent makeup is one of those things where people will know you look better, but they won’t be able to put their finger on the exact reason why.

Just because tattooing is involved in the application of permanent makeup doesn’t mean that the results are harsh or obvious. The color payoff is actually delicate and soft; it is often less glaring than traditional makeup. Permanent makeup won’t stand out like a sore thumb on your face. Rather, it will gently and subtly enhance your natural features.

Misconception Number Four: Permanent Makeup is for the Eyes, Lips, Brows… And That’s It

When we think of permanent makeup, we often right away think of eyeliner and lip liner. While these are certainly two of the most popular choices for permanent makeup application, they are hardly the be-all and end-all. Permanent makeup, believe it or not, is used for one amazing purpose that most people never even think about: scar camouflage.

People seek out permanent makeup for scar camouflage for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they underwent cosmetic surgery that left them with telltale facelift scars or perhaps they are just the unlucky bearers of an old childhood scar. Whatever the reason, permanent makeup can be used to conceal unsightly scars, blending them in with the rest of your natural skin tone. With a talented specialist doing the work, you won’t be able to even tell that there was any scar in the first place.

This isn’t reserved for the face, either. Many patients who undergo breast lifts or enhancements elect to have their scars concealed via permanent makeup treatments. Truly, permanent makeup isn’t akin to a restaurant menu, with a set list of possible treatments. Rather, permanent makeup is a quite flexible treatment that can be used for a whole host of cosmetic concerns. If you have something that’s a little outside of the norm but suspect that permanent makeup might be used as a treatment, don’t be afraid to book a consultation. You’ll be amazed at what you may be able to correct with permanent makeup.

Misconception Number Five: Permanent Makeup is for Women and Women Only

Yes, it’s true that most men don’t elect to have permanent eyeliner applied. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t male clients who undergo permanent makeup treatments. Generally, men seek out cosmetic tattooing for corrective, rather than cosmetic purposes.

Men may seek out permanent makeup for a whole host of reasons. For example, hair loss is common amongst men, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always just affect the hair on one’s head. Permanent makeup can fill in sparse spaces in eyebrows, which can be perfect for men experiencing hair loss in that area. The result won’t look like a lady’s carefully penciled thin brows, either. Rather, it will create a soft effect that makes your remaining eyebrow hairs seamlessly blend together.

Furthermore, men shouldn’t be afraid to seek out permanent makeup’s scar concealing effects, either. There are many men who undergo cosmetic surgery to correct drooping skin. Unlike women, they might not be so keen to be open about their plastic surgery, as there is still quite the stigma attached to men going under the knife for cosmetic reasons. In these cases, permanent makeup can be absolutely life-saving. It effortlessly conceals scars, hiding any evidence that you ever so much as stepped foot inside of a surgeon’s office.

Misconception Number Six: Permanent Makeup is for Little Old Ladies

Those who are only slightly familiar with permanent makeup probably associate it with fussy little old ladies. While permanent makeup is certainly popular with older women, those are not the only people who elect to have treatments perform.

Younger women are actually becoming more and more into the concept of permanent makeup. After all, their friends are having elaborate pieces of artwork tattooed all over their bodies. Hence, why not invest in a more practical and conventionally attractive tattoo that will enhance their natural beauty?

Certainly, very young women should give permanent makeup some long and hard thought, as it is a commitment. However, women in their twenties who know that they will always want to wear eyeliner or have a precise lip line are warmly encouraged to seek out permanent makeup. While some slight touch-ups may be needed as one ages, the results will save you from a lifetime of fussing with your eyeliner or lip liner pencil. It is most certainly not reserved for little old ladies and your friends will be jealous of your amazing results.

Misconception Number Seven: Permanent Makeup is Incredibly, Excruciatingly Painful

It would be a lie to say that permanent makeup is completely painless. Like so many cosmetic treatments, there is a wee bit of pain involved. As the old adage says, pain is beauty!

However, don’t let that put you off to the notion of permanent makeup. While there is a bit of a sting, permanent makeup is far from excruciating. In fact, many women who undergo permanent makeup report that the process hurts a lot less than other treatments they’ve had, such as Brazilian waxes or cosmetic fillers. As with so many other treatments, the anticipation of the pain can often be worse than the pain from the treatment itself.

Ignore The Misconceptions and Talk to a Specialist

As you can see, there are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to permanent makeup. However, most of them are almost entirely unfounded. Permanent makeup isn’t entirely commonplace yet, so it’s easy for myths to be more widely known than it is for truths. But as more and more people discover the wonders of permanent makeup, hopefully a lot of these misconceptions will fall by the wayside.

Of course, there is only one surefire way to debunk these myths and misconceptions for yourself once and for all. The best way to get the whole story on permanent makeup is to book a consultation and learn more about this procedure directly from the source. Sally Hayes has been enriching peoples’ lives with permanent makeup for 25 years. In both her Scottsdale and Memphis offices, countless individuals have seen their misconceptions about permanent makeup shattered to pieces and enhanced their appearance with this amazing treatment.

No matter what your personal concerns or needs, there is no harm or commitment involved in booking a consultation. The best way to forget all of your misconceptions associated with permanent makeup is by coming in to one of our offices. You’ll be able to see pictures of patients who’ve undergone the procedure, in addition to having any of your questions answered. You may very easily go from one of those people who thinks that permanent makeup is scary and intimidating to one of those people who has enjoyed its benefits for yourself.

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