Can I Still Apply Other Types of Lipstick if I Get Permanent Lipstick Done?

Can I Still Apply Other Types of Lipstick if I Get Permanent Lipstick Done?
May 27, 2015

Opting for permanent lipstick is a decision that more and more people are making. Those individuals who are deeply invested in beauty rejoice at the idea of lips that stun forever. Whether you are a novice at permanent makeup or you’ve had a few other procedures done already, learning more about permanent lipstick helps you decide if it is the right option for your face.

Defining and Shaping Your Lips

Permanent lipstick might sound as though it is all about the color; however, that’s not the case. Permanent lipstick is used to provide some hue to your lips, but it also makes them more defined. In some ways, it is as though you are receiving permanent lip liner too. Helping your lips to stand out gives them the attention that they deserve. Then, once your lips are the center of attention, you have the ability to play them up or down as much as you want.

Adding a Tint to Your Kisser

While providing definition for your lips is one of the major benefits associated with permanent lipstick, so is the color that it offers. When you are running some errands or hitting the treadmill at the gym, you can still exude a shade of color. You are allowing your face to have some added brightness even though you may not have added any lipstick on before you ventured out on either of these journeys. Obtaining this type of procedure means that your lips can look great no matter where you are.

Saving Time in Your Routine

When the alarm clock rings in the morning, you probably wish you had just a few more minutes to sleep. If you’re like many other people, simply getting another ten minutes or so with your head on the pillow would likely provide you with the energy you need to muddle through the day. While you are not going to save a tremendous amount of time by cutting out the lipstick-application routine, you can get a few more minutes back to doze or to help the kids get off to school right on time.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Looking at the cost of a permanent lipstick treatment, you might feel as though you just do not have the money to spend on it. However, take a look at your budget. Add up how many dollars you spend on lipstick, lipgloss and other such products each month. In the long term, you are almost certain to save money if you opt for the permanent lipstick. This procedure does not mean that you will never buy a lip product again, but it does mean that your purchases will likely experience a significant reduction. That means you’ll have more money for other beauty products or for your savings account.

Solving Your Date Night Dilemmas

Many people have had the annoying experience of spending hours getting ready for a date and applying the right makeup only to have it immediately washed off as soon as they put their lips on a glass. When you wear permanent makeup, you can put a layer of color over it to complete your look. However, even after you have a sip of that fancy wine that is sitting on the table, you are still going to look stylish and put together.

Deciding Whether Permanent Lipstick is Right for You

If the aforementioned benefits sound like good ideas, then you may have recognized that permanent lipstick is the right solution for your beauty-routine needs. You should also consider if you are okay with having the same base color on your lips permanently. Perhaps you currently have some tattoos. Consider how you feel about those markings. When you’ve been tremendously happy with your decision to obtain tattoos, then you also may very well be pleased with your choice in getting permanent lipstick.

Speaking with Your Doctor

Before you opt for any type of permanent procedure, you should speak with your doctor. While permanent lipstick is not as serious of a procedure as some others, it is still a permanent change that you are making to your body. You want to speak with your doctor about any possible effects on your individual body since every person is different. Furthermore, you want to make sure that you are not going to have any allergic reactions to the products used. That can be especially dangerous since the procedure is done on your mouth.

Evaluating Other Permanent Makeup Procedures You’ve Had

You can also think about other permanent makeup procedures you’ve decided to obtain in the past. Perhaps you recently had permanent eyeliner on, and you’re amazed with the results. That can be a positive sign that permanent lipstick will also work well for you. You should think about the coloring of any permanent makeup that you have on. You want to make sure that the existing permanent makeup will match with the color of your permanent lipstick to ensure a sense of cohesion and beauty that spreads across your face.

Taking Your Job into Account

The type of job that you have may play a role in whether or not permanent makeup is the right answer for you. For the most part, you are safe obtaining permanent lipstick in a job environment if you wear lipstick to work every day anyway. Wearing lipstick to work is something that plenty of women do, and your coworkers may not even notice whether you have permanent lipstick or you are simply wearing the shade that you do every day. Still though, you should seriously consider the profession you are in and any professions that you may venture into in the future.

Choosing a Suitable Color for Your Job

Since so many people wear lipstick to work, worrying about whether or not you can obtain permanent lipstick is not usually a hassle you need to undergo in many fields. Still though, you must make sure you are selecting a suitable color. While you may love bright red lipstick, just think about how that is going to work during an interview or a major job presentation. Even if you tend to choose bold colors on a daily basis, you probably go a bit more demure when you have a professional meeting or an interview for a major job opportunity or promotion.

Steering Away from Bold Colors in General

No matter how much you love that deep shade of red lipstick, think about whether you really want to wear it every single second of every single day. Most people do not walk around with full faces of makeup at all times. Imagine taking your kids to the park and having bright red lips. Envision waking into an interview for the job you have always dreamed of with makeup that looks like it is suited for a night club. Opting for more natural and neutral shades is the way to go with permanent lipstick.

Avoiding Matching Issues

Also, you should consider the palette of colors that you usually opt for when putting on makeup and the clothes that you wear. If you select a color that is too bold or out of the ordinary, you could have a difficult time matching with it. Then, you may be forced to change your entire style or approach to makeup simply to match with the lipstick. Once again, a neutral or natural shade is the better option. These types of colors fit in more seamlessly with all different styles and shades of makeup and clothes.

Skipping on the Trendy Colors

While some trends do seem to stand the test of them, most of them stick categorically with the definition of a “trend.” It will retain a great deal of popularity for a period of time, and then it will retreat away. Therefore, if you select a color merely because it is a trend right now, then you may be rather disappointed with your look in the near future. In fact, you may even regret having the procedure done at all. Pick a color that is classic and that is sure to stick around for awhile.

Knowing You Can Add Color

You might feel that once you have permanent lipstick on, you can never change the color of your lips again, but that isn’t true. Even when you are wearing permanent lipstick, you can still wear other lipstick on top of it. You can wear lipgloss or lip balm as well. Think about tattoos. People who have tattoos are still able to apply sunscreen or body lotion to their tattoos. The fact that a permanent design is there does not change the very necessity or function of the skin, so you are not forever married to that one color.

Changing the Color

You may decide that you want to change the color of your lips for a night out. That is where selecting a neutral shade for the permanent lipstick comes into play. If you have red done as your permanent lipstick color, then you are going to have a hard time covering that up with any other shades. On the other hand, if you chose a very soft pink color, you could change the shade of your lips into virtually any other color that you want. The more neutral you go with the permanent shade, the more room you have to expand.

Emphasizing the Color

Perhaps you are in-love with your permanent makeup color so much that you do not want to change the color at all. In fact, you would rather emphasize what you already have. Then, you can choose the same shade and layer the color on top of your permanent lipstick. You may want to try this makeup trick when you are doing a more subdued eye. If you are deciding to play up the lips for a night, you can really make a statement by enhancing the color of your current lips.

Asking Your Tattoo Artist Questions

When you are planning for your permanent lipstick, you want to make sure you ask plenty of questions. Find out if you can use any products on your lips the day of the procedure, and ask how long the recovery process will take. You can also ask for tips with recovering from the procedure. On top of that, you want to find out the specific shade that your lips will be. You should ask if there is a comparable color on the market that way you know what to purchase if you ever want to emphasize the color of your lips.

Dealing with the Pain

Some people are afraid to obtain permanent lipstick because they are scared of how much it will hurt. The procedure is not painless, but you can speak with your tattoo artist about ways to reduce the pain. You should also talk to people who have already undergone the procedure. They can help you to see that it is not as bad as you think. When it comes to tattoos and permanent makeup, many people say that the pain was not nearly as intense as they thought it would be when they signed up for the treatment.

Loving Your New Look

The decision to obtain permanent lipstick is one that people should take seriously. You can choosing to have a procedure that is forever etched onto your body. In fact, when it is first finished, you may need some encouragement to really get used to the look. Don’t be afraid to go and flaunt your look. Try makeup tricks that draw attention to your lips, and you’re likely to receive some complements from your admirers. Also, look into different ways of doing your makeup. Now that you have this base from which to work, you can build a sense of confidence with employing other techniques, brushes, styles and so forth.

Taking all of this information into account when you are considering permanent makeup helps you to choose a style that is best for your face and for your beauty goals. Contact Sally Hayes today to learn more!