Camouflaging Breast Surgery Scars

Camouflaging Breast Surgery Scars
May 12, 2014

Healing Behind Makeup

When a woman faces breast cancer, few people think about the consequences of a mastectomy including the loss of the areola and nipple. The art of permanent makeup can reduce the effects of the loss and help a breast cancer survivor heal emotionally. Sally Hayes takes great pride in the healing that camouflaging breast surgery scars can offer to cancer survivors as well as to women who have unusual scarring following a breast implant surgery or breast reduction surgery.

Appearances Do Matter

The areola is part of the breast in both men and women, and plays a vital part in the appearance of the breasts. A woman’s self-worth is often tied to her appearance, even the appearance of her breasts. A missing, damaged or disfigured areola can cause unexpected psychological problems. Breast reconstruction can offer a woman a more natural-looking visible appearance, but cannot restore the full image of the breast. Camouflaging your breast surgery scars can give you the final touch you need to move forward with your life in a confident manner.

Areola repigmentation involves permanent makeup tattoos that can create the appearance of areola and nipples or hide unsightly scars around the areola. Camouflaging breast surgery scars can include restoration, recoloring or simulation of the areola. The healing behind the makeup comes from the natural appearance a woman sees when she looks in the mirror.

Proper Timing for Areola Tattooing

Sally Hayes will work with your surgeon to ensure you are ready for the permanent makeup application to reduce the effects of your scars from breast surgery. The procedure can most often take place after approximately six months following your surgery. Once you have healed, Sally will apply topical makeup to allow you to decide the best coloring a size for your body before she does the actual tattooing.

Do not allow your mastectomy or other breast surgery to lower your self-image. Contact Sally Hayes today to hear how permanent makeup can help you heal.