Beautiful, Full, Youthful Eyelashes

Beautiful, Full, Youthful Eyelashes
May 5, 2014

Sally Hayes offers her clients many ways to enhance their natural beauty and increase their confidence. If you desire beautiful, full and youthful eyelashes, Sally highly recommends the FDA eyelash lengthening product, Latisse. Many have watched the popular commercials starring Brooke Shields and wondered if the product really works. Sally can testify to the product’s success and is excited to offer the benefits to you.

Ease of Fuller Eyelashes

If you are tired of the hassle of false eyelashes or the look of caked on mascara, you may want to consider Latisse. In addition, if you have suffered from short or thin lashes, Latisse can offer the growth and thickness you desire to make your eyes light up with beauty.

A Prescription that Works

Latisse is manufactured by Allergan is has been proven to help with eyelash hypotrichosis, or the inability to grow lashes. It is a prescription that is available through Sally Hayes. Latisse contains the same active ingredient as Lumigan, a glaucoma drug, which quickly demonstrated the added benefit of longer, full, youthful eyelashes.

Proven Results with Sally Hayes

You can have more beautiful, fuller lashes in as little as eight weeks. Researchers have found most people who use Latisse will experience a 25% increase in the length of their lashes and more than a 100% increase in the thickness. The complete results may take up to sixteen weeks to recognize.

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Beautiful, full, youthful eyelashes can be yours. Gain the positive results of Latisse by contacting Sally Hayes today.